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A masterpiece by Amanda Flower, Death and Daisies is a wonderful cozy mystery that involves a murder, a tad bit of romance and a magical garden!

The story starts with Fiona Knox arranging her flower shop for the grand inauguration the next day and Isla, Fiona’s sister is here to stay with her. Fiona moved from Nashville, Tennessee to Aberdeenshire, Scotland after inheriting a magical garden from her godfather, Ian MacCallister. The menhir from which the magical climbing rose grows is known to have magical powers and Fiona is somehow connected to it. It shows her visions of the future.

But Fi has also made an enemy in the village – Minister MacCullen hates Fi and made it very clear that she isn’t welcome to attend the church congregation. A day before the grand opening of her flower shop – The Climbing Rose Flower Shop, MacCullen threatens Fi and warns her of a misfortune. With a storm brewing closeby, Fi and Isla close the shop and go home for the night. The next evening, a dead body is found washed on the beach and the body is that of Minister MacCullen.

Inspector Neil Craig, who supposedly has a crush on Fi, decides to tell Fi about the murder. She had helped him catch her godfather’s lawyer’s murderer (with the help of the menhir’s visions) the last time. He warns Fi not to solve this murder but at the same time, he lets her investigate the case – after all, he likes her and cares for her and he just cannot say no to Fi.





This is the second book of Amanda Flower that I have read and I absolutely loved it. Her writing style is unique and wonderful. All her cozy mysteries involve some kind of magic and romance, which makes the stories and the characters adorable! And no cozy mystery is complete without a pet – meet Ivanhoe, a gray striped Scottish Fold Cat.

The characters in the story include Isla (Fi’s sister), Seth and Hamish MacGregor, Presha and Raj Kapoor – the siblings who run a tea shop, laundromat and a pub, Inspector Neil Craig, Cally Beckleberry – Fi’s new-found bestie, Carver Finley – a historian, Remy – a wife beater and good-for-nothing,Β  Emer – the “first lady” of the school, and her husband – Douglas, the school headmaster.

The story is brilliantly concocted over the mystery behind the minister’s murder. The suspects’ list is long, and Fi is also on the list as the minister had stopped her from entering the church during a congregation. Fi’s emotional dilemma regarding her ex-fiance` and the relationship she has with her parents are well portrayed. The story is also full of twists and turns and makes the reader wanting to know “what’s next?”.

The ending was absolutely brilliant. This is what I like about a good suspense mystery, the perp is not whom you think it should be. And this story has just that – the identity of the perp was unexpected. Fi’s curiosity has definitely kicked a hornet’s nest and the perp is now ready to do anything to save their name!

I loved the book. It has all the things that aΒ  cozy mystery usually has – murder, romance, a cat and delicious recipes (Indian recipes, in this case). Apart from the usuals, the story also has a magical garden – isn’t that cute? If you love to read cozy mysteries (who doesn’t?), then do not miss to read this book.




Language/Writing: 5/5

Plot/Story: 5/5

Character Development: 5/5

Ending: 5/5


Overall Rating: 5/5




Title: Death and Daisies ( A Magic Garden Mystery #2)

Author: Amanda Flower

Publication Date: 23rd November 2018

Genre: Cozy Mystery



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