Scoundrels by Major Victor Cornwall and Major St. John Trevelyan

Absurdly humorous, quirkily funny, vulgar and gore, I am out of words to describe this crazy heck of a book! From the initial chapters till the end, the book makes you laugh, makes you cry (with laughter) and there are some scenes that you just wish you had un-read because you just can’t seem to stop thinking about it!

The first chapter is just crazy! Cornwall and Trevelyan participate in the Paris to Dakar Rally. Cornwall gets gored in the rear by a fellow participant’s rhino and his bum is beyond repair! They are halfway through the desert and Trevelyan’s forgotten to take sunscreen or lip balm and is suffering from a severe case of sunburn. His lips are beyond repair! What happens next? *Alert* Brace yourselves for what I am going to say next because you might just want to close your eyes and not read it!

So, the duo are famished and thirsty and what not, and they think their end is here. Then Cornwall opens his eyes and sees that he’s in a hospital. His rear has been replaced with that of a weasel. And Trevelyan’s lips have been replaced with Cornwall’s anus! The story then proceeds to describe how each one of them ‘suffered’ due to this once-in-a-lifetime transplant!

And how can I not mention Fuffy and Cornwall’s love story! Fuffy was Major Cornwall’s first love. After having a ding-ding in the bathroom with her mother, Cornwall takes Fuffy on a picnic – he’s about to propose to her too. Before he could do that, clouds come out of nowhere and there’s a storm. Fuffy gets struck by lightning and the poor thing survives… As an engagement gift, Cornwall gives her a kite and insists that she flies it right away. Remember the storm? Lightning might not strike always twice but in fuffy’s case, it did. The poor thing was reduced to ashes, quite literally!

There are many more such hilarious and absurd stories. The story of Klung Hammer had a very unexpected ending…and a very dirty beginning – they walk into the sewer pipes and … I choose not to complete this sentence! Then there are Cornwall’s ‘famous’ poems which are on par or even better (according to Cornwall) than Byron, Shelly, and Wordsworth.


One of his ‘famous’ poems: Cocaine Balcony

Like le Coq,


My Cocaine Balcony

Streets soaked,

From Gallic tears.

Fears, jeers,

In bleu,blanc,rouge.

Sparkly sparkles,

Dans la rue de revolution.

My heart bursts.

Today I shot a dog,

From atop,

My Cocaine Balcony.


The book is full of such absurdities and crazy humor. Having said that, the book might not be liked by all. The kind of humor this book portrays is not for everyone’s taste. I love to experiment with reading a variety of genres and stories and I must say that I liked this book. It was very different from the usual cozy or thriller stories. And since I have given a gist of what to expect from the book, I leave it to the readers to decide if they would like to read it or skip it. But if you ask me, I would say that you should read it. The story is unique and hilarious, albeit a bit vulgar.




Language/Writing: 4/5

Plot/Story: 5/5

Character Development: 4/5

Ending: 4/5 (ends with a cliffhanger of sorts – continuation in book #2)


Overall Rating: 4/5




Title: Scoundrels

Authors: Major Victor Cornwall and Major St.John Trevelyan

Published on: 17th March 2017

Genre: Historical Fiction, Humor


Featured Image Credits: NetGalley

Thank you, Prelude Books and NetGalley for the ARC. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.




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    1. It was the wildest book ever! There’s a scene where one of the guys is in coma and the female panda gets turned on seeing the guy in coma. The panda does some pretty naughty stuff and the guy wakes up from his coma. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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