Curiosity Killed The Cat by T.H. Hunter



The story starts with events leading to the death of a journalist, Michelle Nosworthy. Meanwhile, Val and Amy are on their way to Amy’s late great-aunt mansion. Amy’s great aunt passed away months ago leaving Amy with a huge mansion, an estate surrounding the mansion and 7 million pounds sterling.

Amy aka Amanda Sheridian was orphaned at an early age. She had no idea about her aunt until she received a mail from her aunt’s lawyers. From working as a waitress to a rich heiress, Amy’s life has taken a turn for good. Val aka Valerie Morgan is Amy’s best friend and waitress from across the cafe where Amy used to work. When Amy inherits a huge fortune, she asks Val to stay with her as a companion which Val accepts.

Amy soon learns that she’s a suspect in Michelle Nosworthy’s murder. So Amy decides to poke her nose where it doesn’t belong and solve the mystery behind the journalist’s death.

This is the first book in the series. The story has both magic and mystery in it. When Amy and Val reach the house, they see a black cat staring at them. The same night, Amy sees a light in one of the rooms and when she goes to inspect, she sees the cat in the library. And… the cat speaks! Amy and Val cannot initially believe their eyes (and ears!) that the cat can speak! The cat calls himself the Earl of Barrington. He’s also a warlock but a therianthrophy (shapeshifting into animals) spell gone wrong has changed him into a cat and he needs help to transform back into his human form.

The cat, whom the two ladies fondly call Barry, tells Amy that she’s a witch. With some mentoring and abracadabra from Barry, Amy learns to use the wand. The trio poke their nose into the murder-solving business when Rick Lavelle – a Magical Law Enforcement agent turned heb(muggle) decides to help them. He says that journalist was killed by a sorcerer. The suspects’ list is not very long. There’s Lady Worthington, a rude and cunning woman who deals in art. Then there’s captain Warton, a retired army major and Derek Reynolds, a local tycoon.

The story was a bit kiddish but I liked the idea of including magic in a cozy mystery. The story is quirky, funny and cute! Barry follows the two girls everywhere; Even to the pub! Amy and Val’s friendship has no bounds and this is well portrayed in the story. The first half of the book is a bit slow but the second half is full of twists and turns.

The identity of the perp was not all that great, considering the fact that Barry had his doubts from the very beginning. Nevertheless, the ending was good. One also gets a peek into the next story in this series – the trio are going on a vacation. So, the next book is about crime solving while the trio are on a vacation.

I wouldn’t call this one of the best books that I have ever read. But, having said that, I liked the story. It was unique. I had never read such a story before.




Language/Writing: 3/5

Plot/Story: 4/5

Character Development: 3/5

Ending: 4/5


Overall Rating: 3.5/5




Title: Curiosity Killed The Cat ( Cozy Conundrums #1)

Author: T.H. Hunter

Published on: 22nd December 2017

Genre: Cozy Mystery



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      1. Hey we can’t totally get rid of the kid in us😊 I’ll admit I love talking animals in books and movies😃

      2. Me too. 😀 The story is cute, no doubt about it. Barry, the cat, roams around with the two girls. He’s almost like a bff. 😀 Cute, isn’t it.

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