Book Log #8

3rd to 9th September


Before I start with the list of books that I read this week, I have a special announcement to make. πŸ˜€Β  Drum rolls, please…

I moved to my own domain, so that means, from now on, my blog will be known as thebookdecoder.

It took me some time to set up the blog – change the theme and stuff, and now I am even more happy with the way my blog looks. πŸ˜€


So, moving on, I read four books this past week. Song for a Lost Kingdom by Steve Moretti was the first book I read this week. There is a review + blog tour on this book tomorrow so I am not going to give out spoilers about the story or my opinion now.


The next book that I read this week was Weird War 2 by Richard Denham. The book is a collection of short stories – hilarious and creepy, myths and facts of WW2. There is even a mention of the Battle of Los Angeles, which is pretty famous for extra-terrestrial reasons. πŸ˜‰ The hunger for power and justice can drive a man to any extent. From concentration camps to the Blitz, the WW2 was far gorier than WW1.


And the next book I read was one-of-a-kind. Sugar by Monique X was a very interesting read. Based on the true life of a Sugar Babe, Monique, the book is about the Sugar World. This is, technically speaking, Monique’s second book. The first one was a memoir of Amanda, Monique’s childhood friend. When Amanda wanted someone to write a memoir on her life as a high-end escort, Monique decided to do it. And that was how Sugar, a memoir on her own life, was born.


I also posted a review of Murder in Keswick by William Todd. It was an amazing read. By the way, I am yet to complete Wool by Hugh Howey. I have 6 books pending for review on NetGalley so I have decided to read them first and strike it off the pending list. The Kindle Unlimited books can wait!


Weird War 2 and Sugar, both these books were recommended by the publisher and I absolutely enjoyed reading these books. I love to experiment with genres. It is good not to stick to just one genre – it gets boring after a while!


I just completed The Red House by Derek Lambert. I started reading two books today. Princess by Jane Dismore, a biography of The Queen and Saint Peter’s Plot by Derek Lambert. I liked Saint’s Peter’s Plot more than The Red House. And it goes without saying that Princess is a very good read. It just captures your interest from the very beginning.


Before I end this post, I would like to thank Heleen Kist. She has shared my review on Twitter and Facebook. I am very happy that she liked my review. I also thank Shalini for introducing me to such amazing books. First Golden Skies, In Servitude and now Song For a Lost Kingdom – thank you, Shalini. ❀



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