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Holmes and Watson are on their way to a well-deserved holiday in the Lake District of Cumbria. Holmes seems to be a broody mood as he has no cases to solve – on a ‘holiday’, remember? As their train reaches the station, Sherlock senses that something is amiss. The people look tensed and seem to be in a serious discussion. Watson and Holmes learn that Mr.Darcy, a local aristocrat, was found decapitated.

And that very night, the widow finds a stranger in her house who, upon seeing her, abandons his plans and runs away. Mrs.Darcy believes that the ‘thief’ came over to steal money from the safe. Only two people have the key to the safe – Mr. and Mrs.Darcy. It is believed that Mr.Darcy’s head was chopped off as he used to wear the key on his neck at all times.

Mr.Darcy’s body was found somewhere close by Mrs.McGlinn’s house. After finding an intruder, most probably a gypsy, running away from her bedroom, Sherlock decides that it is better for Mrs.McGlinn, who is pregnant, to stay in the Inn, just to be on the safer side. Since she knew Mr.Darcy, she might be next on the killer’s list.

Mrs.Darcy plays the role of a rich American heiress. She spends her money on renovating the Darcy’s ancestral home. And now that Mr.Darcy is dead, her happily-married life has come to a full stop.

With the help of Constable Wickham and Watson, Holmes decides to catch the burglar as well as solve the mystery behind Mr.Darcy’s gruesome murder.

My Review


It had been a long time since I read Sherlock Holmes mysteries and this book came as a pleasant surprise. Written on the similar lines of the original series, Murder in Keswick does justice to the Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

Sherlock’s art of deduction is praiseworthy. His plan to catch the burglar at Mrs. Darcy’s home is mind-blowing. And, as usual, Watson is kept out of the whole action. As I was reading through, I could imagine Jeremy Brett as Sherlock andย  David Burke as Watson, back in action.

There were tiny clues here and there, and like Watson, the reader has no idea as to why Sherlock mentions such trivial things. And in the end, one realizes that the trivial things were not as ‘trivial’ as it seemed to be!

I really liked the author’s writing style. The characters are well-matched. Mrs. Darcy and Mrs.McGlinn, both play a strong role in the story. And it goes without saying that Sherlock Holmes is one of the best detectives out there!

The ending is excellent and unexpected. Murder in Keswick is a short but excellent read. The story is well developed. The suspense keeps you hooked on to the book till the end.

If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, then Murder in Keswick is THE book for you.

After reading Murder in Keswick, I have decided to read the other two Sherlock myseries by William Todd – The Mystery of the Broken Window and A Reflection of Evil.


My Rating: 5/5




‘Very good, Watson,’ Holmes replied. “The head and body were separated in one swipe. That would suggest that either Mr.Darcy was taken by surprise and had no time to react or was incapacitated and did not put up a struggle.’

He then gave me an expectant look, which suggested that there was something more he wished me to add, some clue he had noticed and hoped that I had too. My gaze in return must have relayed to him my ignorance of it (to my consternation, it was a look which I often wore in the midst of one of Holmes’ revelatory moments). Instead of enlightening us, he only sighed heavily and moved on.


Book Details


Title: Murder in Keswick: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Author: William Todd

Published on: 27th May 2018

Genre: Mystery, Crime, Fiction



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Thank you, NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for the ARC. I absolutely loved the story!






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