In Servitude by Heleen Kist

Title: In Servitude

Author: Heleen Kist

Published on: 23rd August 2018

Genre: Mystery and Thriller

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Grace’s life changes for good when her sister, Glory McBride dies in a car crash. When Grace tells her parents about their daughter’s death, her father asks her to grab Glory’s papers before Stephen, Glory’s husband could lay his hands on them. Further on, Grace discovers a dark secret that Glory managed to hide from her dear sister.

Determined to ‘save’ her sister’s reputation, Grace decides to do whatever it takes to clear her sister’s name. With familial pressure, underworld criminals and shady dealings, Grace’s path is filled with hurdles and challenges that she cannot even imagine. Will Grace be able to prove that her sister’s death was not an accident? Will Glory’s name be cleared of all the ‘misdoings’?

Tears pricked my eyes as I imagined my poor sister in servitude to this man while her dream of a successful cafe` was falling to pieces. Even though I had warned her, I experienced no pleasure from being proven right this time. All I could picture was her trapped in a cage with these men clawing at her through the bars. Too ashamed to cry for help – or too afraid?


In Servitude is a complete package of familial relationships, betrayal, justice, murder, trafficking, and love. Grace’s struggle to ‘fit in’ everywhere – balancing work, boyfriend, parents and Glory’s kids – I wonder how she actually managed to cope after all that she went through! Her mother’s struggle with stroke and dementia; her father’s devotion to looking after his beloved wife; Dave and Stephen’s cold-heartedness; Adam and Noah’s love for the aunt; Blue – the dog who knows the meaning of unconditional love; Sascha’s dedication to the cafe`; Marius’ kindness; Mike and Brian’s dark intentions – now you know what I meant by A Complete Package.

I really loved the way Heleen has managed to include a bit of everything in this book, making In Servitude a gripping and thrilling read. And just when I thought that the story is now going to end on a happy note, there was a twist. And that was followed by another – a surprising and horrific revelation. And then, another. Finally, after a couple of such twists and turns, the story ended on an unexpected note.

The ending goes something like this :

You think you’re free?’ I said. ‘You’re not.’

Nobody is.

The ending was thrilling enough to send shivers down my spine. How far would a sister go to clear her dead sister’s name? How much is too much and when do you know that you have too much on your plate and it is time to take a break?

The story goes in a flow – there are no off-tangent scenarios. The suspense is mind-blowing – really keeps you hooked on to the story till the end. Each character in the story plays an important role – from Marius to Stephen to Dave to Grace to Alice – everybody has their own set of ‘problems.’ In the end – Grace had it coming. Although I wouldn’t blame her for anything, there were pointers that she chose to overlook… Or, in other words, she chose to live that way. What on earth am I talking about? You have to read the book to find out about that!

In Servitude is a page-turner. And this being Heleen’s debut novel, I must say that it is too good to be true.

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