Weird War 2 by Richard Denham

Weird War Two is a collection of amusing anecdotes and short stories from World War 2. There are tales that are too good to be true, then a few that are so hilarious that you want to laugh out loud, and then there are some which make your skin tingle with creepiness.

I love to read stories about the World Wars. I have watched almost every documentary on World Wars. The spike in production of military equipment, research to find the deadliest weapons and controlling not just people, but their breeding too, WW2 was the bloodiest war on record.

Concentration camps, Genocide, labor camps, and other war crimes; the Blitz attacks to Pearl Harbour to the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – it was evil at its best, or, should I say evil at its worst?

There are a lot of interesting myths and true stories mentioned in Weird War 2. I will list out a few that caught my interest.

Anti-Tank Dogs: Training Dogs to activate a bomb under a tank. Four dogs managed to activate the bomb tied to their neck below enemy tanks. While six dogs ran back to their trainers after activating the bomb tied to their neck!

Then came Bat Bombs and Bat Men. DC comics, anyone? Oh, wait, how can I not mention balloon bombs! World War also saw a steady rise in espionage – from hiding code words in newspaper advertisements (The Deadly Double Game) to pigeon carrier services.

Children’s board games weren’t spared either. Juden Raus, meaning Jews Out, and Bomber Over England were two such board games introduced in Germany. Then there was this German version of Captain America!

Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of USSR in the midst of a cold and deadly Russian Winter. Blood Flag – the story behind the holy relic of The Third Reich was an interesting tidbit. The creepiest of them all was The Bitch of Buchenwald. Ilse Koch was married to an SS colonel, Karl Otto Koch. She is described as “a nymphomaniac with marked sadistic tendencies.” She was obsessed with tattooed skin and had the skin of camp inmates removed from corpses and made into lampshades, gloves, and wallets. She was arrested after the fall of The Third Reich and it was said that the lampshades and gloves were made of animal skin.

Then there is Hitler the Carpet Chewer – Hitler was known for his temperament and Hitler the Carpet chewer was a hilarious account of Hitler’s tantrums. There is also an interesting fact about The Bellamy Salute, also known as the Nazi Salute. Did you know that The Bellamy Salute was first introduced with the Pledge of Allegiance after the American Civil War?

There is also a heartfelt story about The Bride of Belsen – Gene Turgel was a survivor of the famous Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. She’s even shared a barracks with Anne Frank in Auschwitz. After the Liberation in April 1945, Americans and British soldiers freed people from concentration camps. A young British Soldier, Norman Turgel saw Gene and fell in love with her. Later on, they were happily married. Now, isn’t that a happy ending to a gory war?

Yes, The Nazi Gold Train is also mentioned in the book. And so is the reason behind Coca-Cola starting another drink called Fanta. There are many more of such interesting and mind-blowing facts and stories in this book.Β  Loaded with facts and stories, this is the best book that I have ever read in the genre of History.

Weird War 2 is an informative, fascinating, hilarious and brilliant book on World War 2.Β  The author, Richard Denham’s research and hard work is definitely praiseworthy. Thank you, David and Thistle Publishing for the recommendation. I ABSOLUTELY enjoyed reading this book.

Here’s a hilarious excerpt from the book.

And if it weren’t so grim, the Blitz had its comic side. A number of East End families swore they emerged from the Tubes and other shelters to find that the only part of their house still standing was the front door; it usually had the pet dog, completely unharmed of course, still tied to the door knob! One lady in Mayfair was rocketed out into the street in her bath. Others were sitting on the loo.


My Rating: 5/5


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Title: Weird War 2

Author: Richard Denham, Introduction by M.J.Trow

Publication Date: 6th September 2018

Genre: History, Nonfiction



I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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