Sugar by Monique X

After her divorce, Monique decides to increase the ‘fun quotient’ in her life. She joins Seeking Arrangements, a website for Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies. It all starts innocently, but after a night of steamy passion and sex, Monique finds a thousand pounds in her wallet – courtesy, her sugar Daddy. That is when Monique realizes that being a Sugar Baby might actually help her in a good way, after all, she had two little girls to look after.

There are also flashbacks in the memoir (yes, it is a memoir and not a piece of fiction) where one gets to read about Monique’s childhood and her life in Italy with Giovanni. It was heartwrenching to read about the abuse (by her father’s friend). After a series of ups and downs, Monique meets Eric. But the marriage is not a happy one. Soon after the marriage and a baby, Monique realizes that Eric is not the same guy she thought she knew. The nagging and always criticizing mother-in-law trying to bring more negativity in Monique’s life is a sad truth, but Monique gives it back to Wilma in the end. Although that meant that the girls have no place to stay when Monique is off on dates with her Sugar Daddies.

One also gets to read about how the Sugar world works. There are men who are genuinely seeking relationships while there are few who only want naked pictures of their Sugar Babies or sex. The story of India1 was surprising. He was interested in her yet distant and lost. Farshad was this on-off Sugar Daddy who knew how to pamper his Sugar Baby. Mr. Viking and Paul were sweet and loving; they cared for her.

Having spent two years as a Sugar Baby, Monique not only met a whole lot of new people (Sugar Daddies), but she also got to visit new places. She went to Dubai and even did a skydiving, she went to Singapore and Hong Kong, then there were these romantic getaways with Farshad to Milan and Barcelona. She went to Japan and had her first Geisha-like experience.

Apart from meeting Sugar Daddies, Monique met few people who changed her life. There was Jamal who taught her to concentrate on the positives of life and then there was Aleksandar, who taught her to face her fears and do things that she had always wanted to do. After writing a memoir on her friend, Amanda, Monique’s writing was appreciated and thus a new memoir Sugar was born.

The book is not only about the Sugar World and Monique’s life, it is also about how one has to face their fears to move ahead in life. The book is also about hopes and dreams. After two years of Sugar Dating, Monique finally decides to delete her Seeking Arrangements profile to concentrate on one thing that she always wanted to do – writing. With the ex not paying alimony and no proper job in hand, Monique did what she had to do, to look after her two little girls. They even went on a vacation to Greece with the money she received from her Sugar Daddy. Sugar is also about love – Monique’s love for her two girls and her family. It might be tough for a single mother to Sugar Date but Monique did it.

When David sent me this book, I did not know what to expect. Of course, he said that it is a sexy, shocking memoir of a Sugar Baby but apart from having heard about The Sugar World, I had no idea as to what it means to be a Sugar Baby. Sugar was an interesting, powerful and unique read. This being the first-ever book in the genre of erotica and the first memoir that I read, I liked it.

The writing is excellent. The story is ‘through the eyes of Monique’ and that is what makes the book unique. Be warned though, this book contains some explicit sexual encounters and might not be a suitable read for people of all ages.

Thank you, David and Thistle Publishing for giving me an opportunity to read this wonderful memoir.



My Rating: 4.5/5


Book Details


Title: Sugar (My Life as a Sugar Babe)

Author: Monique X

Publication Date: 29th November 2018

Genre: Non Fiction


Featured Image Credits: Thistle Publishing

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