Book Log #9

10th to 16th September 2018


It has been an exciting week. Looks like I am breaking my own records! I managed to read 6 books this week. Or, was it seven? I want to finish my NetGalley TBR so that explains why I am reading books like a maniac!!

This week was Derek Lambert’s books week. No? Well, Rekha celebrated it! Having read three of Derek Lamber’s books this week, my mind is overloaded with information on cold war and world war 2!! Vendetta, based on similar lines of the movie Enemy At The Gates, was an exciting read. Saint Peter’s Plot was another masterpiece by Lambert. The Red House was a pretty okay read. There were not many action sequences in the book and the story was inclined towards the characters’ emotional side.

Things We Never Said by Nick Alexander was an okay read. I really liked the concept of snapshot + cassette. The wife revealing her affairs on the tape was a bummer. She was suffering from cancer and before dying, she wants to ‘reveal it all’ to her husband. And the poor fellow was so heart-broken after hearing about his wife’s affair and her assumption that he too had an affair. She is in two minds about her husband’s alleged affair in the end! Otherwise, it was a pretty good book – the story was nice and unique. I usually do not mention spoilers in my reviews. Spoilers, as the name suggests, spoils the story for those who are yet to read it. This is the only book where I have mentioned a spoiler – the affair part was a spoiler!

The next two books that I read this week are Surprise Ending by Jeffery Deaver and Mycroft Holmes and Murder at the Diogenes Club by David Dickinson. Both the books are novellas. I did not enjoy reading Surprise Ending. There was nothing wrong with the story, but it was too many details and too many characters in a short story. Mycroft Holmes and Murder at the Diogenes Club was an enjoyable read. Reviews for both these books are scheduled in the coming week so let me not go into details now.

I have almost finished reading Princess by Jane Dismore. It was fascinating to read about Queen Elizabeth’s childhood days. The Queen’s and Prince Philip’s love story, Princess Margaret, their governess – Crowfie and caretaker – Alah, their lives during the great war and many more such incidents are well explained in the book.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading.



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