The Saint Peter’s Plot by Derek Lambert

Title: The Saint Peter’s Plot

Author: Derek Lambert

Published on: 19th April 2018 by Collins Crime Club (first published 28th July 1979)

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

WW2 is at its end. The Allied troops and the Russian Army was moving towards Berlin. Hitler is almost defeated but he continues to fight. Meanwhile, a few of Hitler’s faithful followers plot to save Hitler from the war. Titled operation Grey Fox, the plot is to prevent Hitler from committing suicide. Even Hitler’s right hand – Himmler, is unaware of Operation Grey Fox. Kurt Wolff, an SS commander is chosen for this mission.

Maria Reubeni is an Italian Jew who works to save innocent Jews from the Gestapo. Liam Doyle is a priest who is transferred from New York and works close to The Vatican.  Maria foils a plot to kill Josep Dietrich stating that killing him would bring German troops to Italy immediately. Kurt Wolff’s mission involves bringing Hitler to The Vatican. With American troops guarding The Vatican and its surroundings, will Kurt succeed in his mission?


What a story! Phew! A concoction of suspense and nail-biting adventure, this book is the best one by Derek Lambert. The Germans are on the brink of defeat. The only reason they are fighting is because of one man’s dreams to save his Rhineland. Jews are captured and either sent to concentration camps or killed mercilessly.  Italy is also on the brink to surrender to Germany.

Maria’s father is murdered by the Gestapo for no reason. Her mother is almost dying when her father is taken away, right in front of her eyes. Maria vows to take revenge on the SS commander who killed her father. Kurt Wolff, a merciless killer, and soldier who is loyal to Hitler and Germany. His story reminded me of Captain America – from zero to hero. As a young boy, Kurt was always sick and lean. After being rejected by the Army, Kurt decides to become strong and healthy. After a strenuous six-month stay at a health camp, Kurt is now strong and muscular. Liam Doyle is a priest who falls in love with Maria.

The story takes a turn when two men, unknown to each other, change the course of history forever. One is a petty thief named Ziemann. The SS decides to make him a dummy – with dental works, Ziemann’s teeth now resemble that of Hitler’s. Minute details such as Hitler’s tympanic membrane damage are also taken care of – in Ziemann. Landau is a jew imprisoned in a concentration camp. With Germany losing the war, he decides to escape from the camp in order to complete a mission of his own.

What I loved about the story – the concept of Operation Grey Fox, Landau and Ziemann’s role in the story and Kurt Wolff!  Kurt’s decision, in the end, is an exciting twist. Landau’s role was unexpected. One might think what mission might this guy be on, but believe me, it is all revealed in the end! A shocking and unexpected revelation!

The Saint Peter’s Plot is a spectacular, nail-biting and gripping thriller by Derek Lambert.

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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