Princess by Jane Dismore

A biography of Queen Elizabeth II, focusing on her early life.


Out of a little princess, they made a queen.


From a princess to Heiress Presumptive to The Queen, this book gives a detailed insight into the early life of Queen Elizabeth. The book contains stories and details taken from previously unpublished material and interviews with some close friends and relatives.


From Constance Bowes Lyon and the scandal behind her birth parents to the haunted Glamis Castle, the book, the book reveals few stories that you might have never heard before. The relationship that the princesses had with their nanny – Alah and Governess Crowfie, as she was lovingly called, was a charming read.


Harry Truman, clearly smitten, said, “When I was a little boy I read about a fairy princess, and there she is.”


Sonia Graham Hodgson was the daughter of the King’s radiographer and Princess Elizabeth’s first friend. Sonia recalls that she was playing when Princess approached her and asked if she would play with her. And that started a friendship that would last a lifetime. Sonia was also one of the few people outside the family who was allowed to call the Princess – Lillibet.


When the Princess turned 10, she was allowed to have breakfast with her grandmother and her parents instead of in the nursery. From having to learn to curtsey to blowing kisses to the waiting crowds, one gets to read the day-to-day life of the royals.


The details of the Buckingham Palace was fascinating to read. The King (King George VI) had telephones installed in the palace so that the girls and the Queen could talk to each other.


The Princesses saw it all as an adventure and enjoyed playing games in the corridors. However, there was no escaping the fact that Buckingham Palace was the official headquarters of the monarchy and as such was like a small town. It even had its own post office, with letters delivered to the many rooms containing staff.



When she was 13, the Princess fell in love with Prince Philip of Greece. Their love story was no less than a fairy tale. At the age of 21, the Princess married Prince Philip and at the age of 25, she became The Queen. The news of her father’s demise reached her when she and her husband were on a trip to Africa.


The book also focuses on the Princesses’ contribution during the WW2. From plays to knitting scarfs and sweaters, the girls played their part in helping those who were in need. When there was a threat of war (WW2), the princesses were moved to the Windsor Castle while the King and Queen continued to live in the Buckingham Palace. The book also has an account of the bombing of the Buckingham Palace by a German Bomber during WW2.


With many such details of the early life of the Queen, this book was an insightful and informative read.


Princess by Jane Dismore is an informative, fascinating, engaging, insightful and spectacular biography on the early life of Queen Elizabeth II. Jane Dismore’s research into writing this book is praiseworthy and well appreciated.


My Rating: 5/5


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Title: Princess: The Early Life of Queen Elizabeth II

Author: Jane Dismore

Published on: 05 July 2018

Genre: Biographies and Memoirs


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  1. Glad you liked it. Some say it reads more like a novel than a biography. A great read.

    1. Thank you, Jane. I absolutely loved your book. It was more like a fairy tale – especially the stories of princesses childhood. The playhouse that the Princess recieved and their lives at the palace, a real-life fairy tale indeed. 🙂

      1. Many thanks indeed, Rekha. I’m delighted you enjoyed it. Always fab to get positive feedback and know your work has made someone smile.

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