Death by DNA by Pierce Roberts

death by DNA

Title: Death by DNA

Author: Pierce Roberts

Published on: 30th November 2017

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

All over the world, there are reports of birds dropping dead from the sky, cows dropping dead in the field and many more. Only certain species of the animals die at once, their closely-related species remain unharmed. In certain places, only the female died while the males survived. These strange incidents bring three veterinarians and one shaman together.

Kate, Brad, and Tom are the three veterinarians and Joseph is the Shaman. Joseph’s late great-grandfather Nelson had visions of The Destroyer. With the help of Nelson’s journals, Kate, Brad, Tom, and Joseph are off to solve the mystery behind these strange incidents.


The story is just marvelous! As the title suggests, all the deaths have one thing in common – DNA! But what does DNA got to do with these mysterious incidents? It is pretty well known that the Nazis were up to a series of experiments during the WW2. One such experiment was to reverse the process of ageing. Or rather, slow the process of ageing. During the process of finding this anti-ageing drug, Wilheim Berhetzel, a Nazi doctor stumbles upon something that creates shocking results.

During the end of the war, Berhetzel tried to escape but was believed to be killed in a plane crash. Robert DuBois is a famous and respected Nazi hunter who has brought many evil people to justice. The four (Kate, Tom, Brad, and Joseph) seek Robert’s help in finding clues about Berhetzel’s experiments. It is initially believed that Berhetzel’s next generation or an ardent follower is proceeding with the DNA experiments but they are in for a shock when they see Berhetzel, who is supposed to be in his nineties but looks like he’s in this late twenties.

This book reminded of the documentary titled Hunting Hitler. After the war, Nazi hunters did a great job finding Nazi War criminals and bringing them to justice – the punishment mostly included death sentences. It is believed that most of the war criminals escaped to Argentina and Berhetzel was one of them.

The author is a real genius. To come up with such an idea is no piece of cake! Killing certain species just by their DNA! WOW! I found the writing style a bit weird though. The conversations between the characters were long and sometimes boring. The romance between Kate and Tom was too mushy. There were a few silly jokes here and there, which was okay. The plot was interesting. Although I felt that the story was a drag in a few places (the conversations), it still found it interesting. I generally read a book for the story and I do not care much about the presentation, as long the story is not going off-track and manages to keep the reader in suspense until the end. If you are like me, go ahead and read Death By DNA. It is a really good book with an interesting plot.

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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