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Esmeralda aka Esme Quentin is devastated to hear that her sister Elizabeth was found unconscious in a park and is currently battling for life in a hospital. Elizabeth was beaten black and blue and probably left to die. What was initially thought to be a case of mugging turns out to be something malicious when Esme learns of Liz’s dark past.

What Esme did not know was that Liz was her adopted sister. On searching for clues in Liz’s house, Esme comes across Liz’s calendar which mentions a monthly log – W.H. As Esme digs further, she understands that W.H. stands for Wisteria House, an old-age home, where Esme meets Polly. As time passes by, Esme learns about The Keeper’s Cottage, Sir Charles Monkleigh and the controversy surrounding him and a housekeeper. Esme assumes that Elizabeth was the love child of Polly and Sir Charles Monkleigh.

Meanwhile, Gemma, Esme’s niece, and Elizabeth’s daughter is not happy that her aunt is trying to dig into her mother’s past.


My Review


This is the first Wendy Percival book that I read and I loved it. The book does justice to the genre – Mystery. Till the end, the reader is still in suspense as to who was the perpetrator. As you read through the chapters, you realize that the mystery behind Liz’s past gets darker and murkier. Details are revealed but the question of whodunit remains a mystery till the very end.

Esme sees a black Audi near her house and thinks of it to be one of the neighbor’s car. When another black Audi tries to ram her car, she again thinks of it to be her neighbor’s car. But what has Black Audi got to do with Elizabeth? Also, Esme is contacted by a client who wants her to research on a Canal, but halfway through her research, the client dismisses her for no reason. And what has that got to do with Elizabeth?

I loved the author’s writing style. The language is simple and easy to understand. Concepts are well defined. The story is smooth and flowing, it doesn’t go off track. There’s blackmail, an attempted murder, a murder and dark secrets – what else does a book in the genre of Mystery need!

The concluding chapters are interesting. Remember, this is where all the mystery is revealed. Apart from the whodunit, there is a lot of familial relationships involved. The longing for a male heir, the love that a nanny has for a neglected child and the love that a mother has for her son’s illegitimate child, this book is a box full of surprises.

If you love to read a book full of surprises, mystery, and suspense, then Blood-Tied is THE book for you!


My Rating: 5/5


Book Details


Title: Blood-Tied (Esme Quentin Mystery)

Author: Wendy Percival

Published on: October 2nd, 2013

Genre: Historical fiction, Mystery


I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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