Book Log #3

July 15 to July 22

It has been a wonderful week. As I mentioned in my last log, I was out on a short trip. We visited a flea market and it was super fun. There was music and dance. One could request songs and I requested Alan (the musician/guitarist) to play Summer of 69. Then there was Zumba, and we danced like crazy! The next day, we had a not-so-successful trip to a lake which is supposedly famous for birds. There was hardly any water in the lake and no birds at all. There were loads of frogs though!

I reached home on Wednesday, tired but contempt with a fun-filled vacation. I haven’t done a lot of reading this past week. I hardly had any time to read until Thursday!

As I mentioned last week, I started reading The Yermakov Transfer by Derek Lambert on Thursday night and then until Monday, I did not have the time to continue reading the book. So, I decided to start all over again. By Thursday I finished reading The Yermakov Transfer. After reading I, Said the Spy and The Red Dove by Derek Lambert, I expected a lot from Yermakov Transfer. The book was not up to my expectations. The story was a drag in places, and it had an abrupt ending.

I started reading Blood Tied by Wendy Percival on Friday. I am planning to finish the book by tonight. Blood Tied is an interesting story about family secrets, blackmail, and a crime. As the story proceeds, you get this feeling that there is something dark and malicious that has been hushed up.

I also managed to catch up on a short read – Crime Pays by Jeffrey Archer. Amazon has been releasing a short story by Jeffrey Archer every month, and July’s installment of Year of Short Stories was Crime Pays. It is very similar to Charity Begins at Home, another short story from the Year of Short Stories.

I have written two reviews this week – The Yermakov Transfer by Derek Lambert and Potpourri by Ruskin Bond.

I also had my first blog tour – I See Life Through Rose`-Colored Glasses by Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella. On the whole, it was a wonderful week. I hope to catch up on my reading this coming week.



Featured Image Credits: Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

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