Book log #4

July 23rd to July 29th

It has been an interesting week. I managed to catch up on my reading list.

I read Blood-Tied by Wendy Percival. It is a really good read. The story is about secret pasts, relationships and much more. Esme is shocked to hear that her sister was found unconscious in the park. What was initially thought to be a mugging incident turns into something else when Esme stumbles upon Elizabeth’s dark past.

You can read my review of Blood-Tied here.

The next book that I read this week was Death by DNA by Robert Pierce. An interesting concept, and one of a kind story. Death by DNA is a mixture of thriller, mystery, and science. After the second world war, many Nazi scientists moved to different countries to set up their career again. And some Nazi War criminals moved to places such as Argentina, where the deportation rules were almost non-existent, which made it difficult for the Nazi hunters to track them down. Death by DNA is one such story where a Nazi doctor who is responsible for horrendous experiments that were performed in the concentration camps seeks asylum in the Amazon forests.

With strange deaths of certain species across the world, three veterinarians and a shaman decide to solve the mystery behind these deaths. What they stumble across is going to blow their mind. With anti-aging drug to killing subspecies by remotely frying their brain, this book is going to keep you hooked up to the story till the end.

I also read a bit of Becoming Okay when you are not Okay by Bryan Bushman. Although my progress is really slow, the book does have few interesting points. The book is about accepting – accepting yourself, your pain and your suffering. With examples, Bryan has explained how ignoring or over-reacting to our pain and suffering can harm us in the future. By believing that “Life is always meant to be pleasurable” we are blocking ourselves from facing our fear.

And I come to the fourth book that I read this week. It is called Tied To Deceit by Neena Brar. It is again one of a kind story. There is humor, mystery and crime. Also, there is a lot of what we Indians call “Tadka maarke”. Who is married to who, dark past of the characters, love, hatred, jealousy, fraud and money, this book is a complete powerhouse! After reading two back-to-back thriller novels, reading Tied By Deceit was a much needed change!

Shalini and I did something called buddy read for Tied To Deceit. We had so much fun discussing the book. We had an interesting discussion – we laughed at the blouse remark in the story (you will have to wait for the review post for this one) . We also had a serious discussion about the lives in 1970’s (The book is based in the era of 1970’s). It was super-fun. Have you done buddy read before? Or, want to try it? Go ahead and ask your book buddy. If you do not have any, then I can be your book buddy! ūüėÄ


I will be going on a much needed vacation this coming week so there won’t be a book log post next week.



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