The Parsifal Pursuit by Michael McMenamin and Patrick McMenamin

Title: The Parsifal Pursuit (Winston Churchill Thrillers Trilogy #2)

Authors: Michael McMenamin, Patrick McMenamin

Published on: May 24th, 2011

Genre: Historical Fiction, Thriller

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Nationalist Social German Worker’s Party or, in short, Nazi is on the rise in Germany. Nazi thugs create a lot of problems including beating innocent people mercilessly, setting fire to factories and what not. There is also a rise in hatred for Semitic, or people of Jewish origin.

Meanwhile, in America, a controlled breeding law is followed – the court decides who can reproduce and who is to be sterilized. With Bourke Cockran losing two of such sterilization cases, his clients have no other option but to undergo sterilization.

Mattie and Bourke, whose relationship was anew in the first series namely, The DeValera Deception sees a new turn. The story is set two years after Churchill, with the help of Mattie, Cockran and the Apostles manage to stop the illegal trade of arms to IRA. The relationship of Mattie and Cockran takes a new turn with Mattie doubtful about her future with Cockran. And to add to this confusion is Harmony, Cockran’s new client who has her pretty eyes set on Cockran.

Mattie is asked to pursue the case of The Spear, as the one in the museum is a fake. The Spear of Destiny is an ancient Christian artifact which was used by the Roman centurion Longinus to pierce the side of Christ to end His suffering on the cross. Hitler wants the Spear as much as Kaiser II and Churchill.

Mattie travels to the Austrian Alps with Kurt Von Sturm and Prof. Campbell in pursuit of the missing Spear. Will she be successful in finding the Spear? Will the Cockran-McGary relationship survive the two-year itch?


It’s been two years since Mattie, Bourke, Churchill and Michael Collin’s Apostles managed to stop the arms trade to the IRA. Mattie and Bourke were not sure how long they could be together but now, here they are, two years later. Paddy, Bourke’s son likes Mattie and Mattie also likes the kid. Bourke plans to propose Mattie on their romantic trip to Vienna. Their Vienna trip is almost canceled when Hearst, Mattie’s boss asks her to visit Germany for a one-to-one interview with Hitler. Cockran decides to take up a case in Europe and he and paddy pack their bags and leave for Europe.

The story has a gory start – 9 soldiers are killed in cold blood while the tenth one is beheaded. While the first book in this series – The DeValera Deception had descriptions of rape, the second book has descriptions of beheading.

The Nazis are now powerful, with SS guards and thugs beating and killing innocent people, mainly those of Semitic origin (Jews).


Mattie remembers the first time she met Hitler, back in 1923. She remembers Hitler giving her a cold stare, the one that can send shivers down the spine. Hitler is considered to be “Unstable and dangerous” by The Geneva Institute For Scientific and Industrial Progress, also known as The Geneva Group.

Bobby Sullivan, one of the Apostles, who was trained by none other than Michael Collins plays a major role in this book. From being an assassin to warm-hearted, Bobby is a hero when he once again disappears in search of Mattie, just like he did the first time, two years ago.

Bourke and Mattie’s relationship turns sour when Harmony decides to create trouble between them. What I find interesting about the Churchill Series is the mention of airplanes. In the first book it was Ford motor planes while in this book, it is the autogiros. With Kurt and Mattie having a brief fling to Kurt realizing as to why he and Cockran are so much alike, it is nice to see a character grow. The friendship between Bobby and Bourke deepens too. Mattie’s confusion and doubts, her love for Cockran and her respect for her father and godfather are highlighted in this book.

Oodles of history, mystery and, action make this book a must-read for all those who love fiction.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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