The Gemini Agenda by Michael McMenamin and Patrick McMenamin

Title: The Gemini Agenda

Authors: Michael McMenamin and Patrick McMenamin

Published on: 31st January 2012

Genre: Historical Fiction, Thriller

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s been a year since Mattie and Cockran’s adventure to find The Spear in the Austrian Alps. Mattie and Cockran seem to have reconciled after their fight last year. Mattie is once again assigned a case, this time in America. Her boss, W.R. Hearst asks her to investigate the mysterious murders of ten Americans. The M.O. of the killer is the same in all cases- the body is found naked and the eyes of the victims are missing. What is initially thought to be the work of a serial killer turns out to be something else – something that involves the handiwork of the Nazis.

Meanwhile, Wesley Waterman, the chairman, and president of the International Calculating Equipment, or in short, I.C.E, is funding the eugenics project, code-named Gemini Project. Mattie has to work with the second best journalist of Hearst papers, Ted Hudson. He also happens to be Mattie’s ex-flame. Cockran is not on good terms with Hudson either, after all, he and Hudson were in the same group during their MID training.

Mattie turns detective and comes across a proof that shows that the murder victims were related – they were twins. On further investigation, she discovers that the Nazis, along with I.C.E are conducting experiments on twins to develop what they call The Master Race.

Cockran is Ingrid Waterman’s divorce lawyer. Things go haywire when Wesley hires Kurt Von Sturm and his protegee` to kill Ingrid. Kurt, who happens to be Ingrid’s lover has other plans in mind. Ted Hudson, Cockran, and The Apostles, Kurt, Ingrid, Mattie, along with Churchill and Randolf (Churchill’s son) solve the mystery behind the mysterious disappearance and murder of twins.


The Gemini Agenda is the third and final book in the Churchill Thrillers Trilogy. Cockran is happy that Mattie’s work is in America. Although he is not very happy about Ted Hudson joining Mattie, he is relieved to know that Mattie will be protected by an ex-MID agent. Ted Hudson tries to hit on Mattie, in spite of her refusal. He even tries to poison Cockran’s mind by saying that he and Mattie are more than just co-workers.

Ingrid, Waterman’s wife plays a major role in this book. Cockran is initially reluctant to take her divorce case but when she comes to him with a black eye and bruises all over her body, he decides to fight her case. Kurt realizes that Ingrid’s life is in danger and rescues her from an assassination plot. The relationship between Ingrid and Kurt is interesting. From one-night stand to lovers, they have come a long way. Kurt is in two minds though, after all, he feels that he is still in love with the red-haired woman he met last year during his search for The Spear – Mattie McGary.

The Eugenics Science seemed to start just before the start of WW II. With hatred towards Jews rising to all-time high and the quest to develop the pure-breed, horrific experiments are conducted on innocent people. Apart from being drugged, the victims are also raped by the SS guards. This story reminded me of a book that I read a couple of years ago – Horrific experiments were conducted on Jews in the concentration camps. Without any anesthesia, the victims had to undergo torturous and painful experiments, and finally, they were shot to death.


Kurt, who is an ardent follower of Hitler is confused. With people like Himmler supporting the Eugenics cause, Kurt is not satisfied that Hitler is really unaware of all this gore. From assassin to someone who lives by his word, honor, and truth, it is interesting to see the all-new Kurt.

Overall, this book was a good read. Like the first book in this series, there is gore, betrayal, and violence. If you like historical fiction, then you will like this fast-paced thriller.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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