Savage Sisters by Heather Atkinson

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Title: Savage Sisters

Author: Heather Atkinson

Published on: 18 May 2023

Genre: Mystery & Thrillers | Gangland Thriller

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Having lost their mum and with a bedridden father too ill to work, the Savage sisters have learned to stand on their own two feet. The family’s flat in the rough streets of Glasgow’s Haghill is their fortress, but when Carly’s ex-boyfriend Cole Alexander is released from prison, trouble soon comes knocking at their door.

The sisters have no other option but to ask their father’s brother Uncle Eddie for help. Eddie comes in soon after the call with his two handsome sons in tow.

As a turf war breaks out, the Savage sisters have two options – stick to the straight and narrow or fight for what they deserve. The Unbeatable Bitches, a vicious girl gang that the oldest Savage sister (Jane) used to lead, are thrown into the mix, the sisters make up their mind. Once a Savage, always a Savage. When someone crosses a limit, they must be shown their place…

OMG!! This was so, so, so good. I was hooked to the story from start to finish and I couldn’t put it down until the end. Don’t make me choose a favorite – the Savage sisters are pretty badass. Their cousins (Uncle Eddie’s sons Dean and Harry) are no less – handsome, vicious with a mean streak.

Speaking of cousins, Carly (the middle sister) and Rose (the youngest) are crushing on Dean and Harry. As a cherry on top, the two handsome hunks are on bodyguard duty – Dean for Carly and Harry for Rose. Imagine your crush being assigned as your bodyguard. *makes goo-goo eyes*

The story – I am simply mind blown. It starts with Carly hearing the news of her ex-boyfriend being released from prison. She knew he was innocent – well, he wasn’t as bad as his elder brother, Ross. The Alexanders had a good rapport with Carly. Cole approaches Carly and he wants to give their relationship another try. But Ross is creating an issue over it and threatens Carly and her family.

When a stone is thrown at their window, they know it’s time to call in reinforcements. Uncle Eddie is asked to come over. His two sons tag along. Soon, a turf war begins. Jane used to be in a girl gang before – the new leader wants to destroy Jane and her family. She joins hands with Ross, and together, the rowdy duo are creating quite a scene – the only way to silence them is to fight back.

I loved every bit of this book. It’s a Heather Atkinson novel so goes without saying that storytelling, character development and plot-to-story development is simply perfect. As I was reading through, it felt like a movie playing in my head.

To conclude, we have a turf war here – the Savages are fighting with not one but two gangs – a boy gang and a girl gang, three sisters wanting the best for their family, there’s love and a dash of oomph. To sum up: everything that a reader looks for in a gangland thriller. Also, this story has strong female characters – which I totally LOVE!!

Savage Sisters by Heather Atkinson is a must-read gangland thriller of the year. If you are new to this sub-genre, I recommend you give this book a try. Then, you can move to reading all the other gangland thrillers written by Heather. 🙂 She’s the best!


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