We are Animals by Tim Ewins

We Are Animals Cover

Title: We Are Animals

Author: Tim Ewins

Published on: 2nd March 2020

Genre: Humorous Fiction

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

We are Animals by Tim Ewins is a hilarious and enjoyable journey of a man called Jan.

Well, it’s not just Jan who’s in the story. There’s Shakey, Pricha the cow, an overenthusiastic puppy, happy-unhappy-happy-unhappy man, Michael, Hylad and another Jan. The Jan who tells Shakey his story is ManJan. He’s in search of LadyJan, the love of his life. Fate brings the two together. The same Fate breaks them apart. They again meet years later, only to break up again.

Fast forward to the 2016 and here’s ManJan, at the Pololem beach in Goa, waiting for LadyJan to appear out of nowhere. (But she’s no Houdini)

Tim Ewins takes his readers on an exciting, hilarious and adventurous journey of ManJan. From being pick-pocketed at Sweden (not Norway) to drinking wine on a beach in Goa, ManJan’s been there, done that.

I will not talk much about ManJan. I want you guys to read about him and enjoy the story. 🙂 Pricha the cow was being a kabab mein haddi in the story but frankly, mooooooo! She bobbed her head to the disco musik, making her one of the cutest bovines in the story. (The other two bovines are her bull dad and cow mother).

I was a tad lost as I started to read the book. Vest, moustache, cow, I had a hard time understanding what was happening. Then the ‘vest’ who is called Shakey sits next to ‘mustache’ – ManJan and the story begins. A story that takes ManJan, LadyJan and the readers to Sweden(not Norway), Poland, Ukraine, Moscow and India. Of course, not to forget, ManJan’s hometown- Fishton, a fish town.

As ManJan started to talk about himself, I knew this book was going to be one of my best reads of 2020. As the story ended, I felt things ended abruptly. But giving it a second thought, I guess the story couldn’t have a better ending than this.

Hilarious, Heart-breaking, and Absolutely Entertaining, I highly recommend you to read We Are Animals by Tim Ewins.

Many thanks to Rachel for the blog tour invite.

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