The Magician Card by Bevan Atkinson

the magician card

Title: The Magician Card (The Tarot Mysteries #2)

Author: Bevan Atkinson

Published on: 22nd July 2012

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Our darling Xana Bard is back! So is Thorne Ardall. This time, they are going to solve a pretty icky case.

A young man approaches Xana and requests her to do a tarot reading for him. The outcome of the reading shocks Xana. Six cards from the major arcana in a reading – well, this has never happened before! The young man is Asa Ballantine. Xana sees another young woman in the card – it’s Asa’s sister Beth. The duo are working on something to do with nanotechnology and human organ reconstruction. But Asa is worried. Xana finds a threat looming around the twins. When Asa asks if Xana knows any private security, she points at Thorne.

Meanwhile, Agatha is a lumpy housewife; plain, dull clothes and a face devoid of makeup. Her husband is very strict about everything – if he doesn’t like something, Aggie mustn’t do it. She comes home from a shopping trip to see her husband cavorting with his secretary. She does something sinister – she kills both of them. She cleans the crime scene meticulously. The husband and his mistress are chopped up, buried in the garden and roses are sown on top of their bodies. Perfect crime? Well, all’s well that ends well right? Think again. 😉


With each book, I am liking the Tarot Mysteries better and better. In the review of The Fool Card, I spoke about Xana and Thorne’s relationship. I was expecting to see a teeny-weeny bit of romance between the two. In The Magician card, we see their relationship grow. Xana breaks her ankle and Thorne is being such a cutie pie, helping her in every possible way. Aww!!! Thorne babe!

Breaking her ankle was an unexpected event but Xana looks at the positive side of it – there’s Thorne by her side so she has nothing to worry. Her mama has a golf tournament the day Xana’s ankle is to be operated. The siblings are weird in their own way so Xana decides to spend her time alone. (the pets are still around, Thorne’s taking care of them. Aww again!!) The other side story is that of Agatha which is, honestly, my favourite part of the book. I really liked Agatha’s attention to planning and detail.

The thing I like the most about this series is the explanations given to each Tarot Card Xana draws. Bevan Atkinson is a Tarot reader and her research into the occult science shows in each book of this series. Xana is her quirky self, broken ankle or not. Thorne is his usual James Bond-Jack Reacher self. Aww, Thorne babe!

I recommend The Magician Card to anyone looking for a quirky cozy read. In fact, read The Fool Card and then The Magician Card so that you will have an idea about the characters from the start.

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