Bonbon Voyage by Katherine H. Brown

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Gladys and Frederic` are going on a cruise trip for their honeymoon. Gladys is going to miss her friends Sam and Piper at the Ooey Gooey bakery and wishes they joined her on her trip until one of them reminds her it’s her honeymoon.

The first day on the ship passes okay. The duo sit with the captain for dinner. Frederic` is busy asking questions to the captain while Gladys enjoys her dinner. After dinner Gladys goes out and hears a fight in one of the below decks. The fight ends with a splash – did someone go overboard? Gladys asks Frederic` about it and he poo-pooh’s it. The next day, she learns that the head chef slipped and fell overboard. But Gladys isn’t convinced that the man slipped. He might have been murdered.

Having read Rest, Relax and Run for your Life, I was excited to see what the first spinoff of Ooey Gooey Bakery has in store for its readers.

I have mixed opinions about this book. The story is enjoyable. A little low on the suspense factor but overall, a fun read.

Gladys might not he very intelligent but she ends up solving the case, all by herself. There was something fishy about Frederic` from the start of the story. As the story proceeds, the reader is given further clues about his shady doings – which surprisingly Gladys ignores!

It is supposed to be their honeymoon but Gladys has a tough time searching for Frederic` onboard. If he’s around, he refuses to participate in the activities that Gladys has planned for them. Gladys is nosy and loves to gossip and interfere. This might get her into trouble but it also helps her in finding clues.

Overall, Bonbon Voyage was a good read. Not much of mystery or suspense, but good for a beach read.


An Interview with our very own Gladys

Hello Gladys, welcome to The Book Decoder. Tell me about yourself. 
 Hi, there! Well, I work part-time at the Ooey Gooey Goodness Bakery and enjoy every delicious dessert I’ve ever tasted there. I live in a little yellow bungalow with Jack and Drew. To clarify, Jack and Drew are palm trees. I carved them some faces (the only useful class the senior citizen center offered – wood carving) and they are great company, good listeners and no back-talking.

How does it feel to be a retired school teacher? Do you miss teaching at school?
I’m happy in my retirement. Oh, I was getting a bit bored there for a while and I missed the interaction with the students and my fellow teachers. Life has really gotten interesting again since I met my friends Piper and Sam though, and went to work at the bakery. Always people to talk to there.

Gladys’ cruise trip/honeymoon turned out to be quite an adventure. What’s next in store for you?
If I’m being honest, that trip kind of threw me for a loop. And I’m not just talking about the parasailing, if you know what I mean. It was fun but some of the things that happened really shook me and made me question my judgement of people. So, next up for me is going to be a long overdue trip home to Texas. I think I need to go somewhere quiet, a little hole-in-the-wall town where nothing ever happens. Take my mind off of things for a while. Maybe I’ll stay with my cousin, Suzie; I haven’t talked to her in decades.

Tell me about your best friends Sam and Piper. 
Those two! They are complete opposites and still two peas in a pod. Good, sweet gals. Sam’s style would rival fashion models and the woman must have calves of steel because she comes to work at the bakery every morning wearing high heels. Piper, she’s not as big of a people person or a fashionista; she likes cozy clothes and is one of the hardest workers that I’ve ever seen. Baking is her passion, yet it is second to being a good friend. Of course, Piper gets herself into trouble often enough. I tell you what, I might not know where I’d be without those two as friends, but I don’t know where they’d be without me either. I had to make them emergency kits just so I could sleep at night a few months ago. Pulled Piper out of more than one hole, let me tell you.

Tell me about your husband Frederic.
Hmph. I’m not sure it’s worth wasting the breath. How about I just tell you how we met? Everybody loves a good cute-meet. During a spa trip with Sam and Piper, we all took a cooking class. Frederic happened to be the chef. I’ve never found information about avocados or pomegranates as interesting as that first class. A lot of women seemed to be overcome with a new passion for foods that day; I blame it on the man’s French accent. Ooh-la-la! Anyway, I digress. I happened to bump into Chef Frederic again at the senior citizen center one day and we started talking about cooking. He had just been hired to teach classes and I offered to be his assistant. He’s a bit younger than me, so I kept our relationship quiet from Sam and Piper for a while. Kind of wish I had told them sooner, considering everything that happened.

Thank you Gladys!

I hope you guys enjoyed my chit-chat with Gladys. 🙂

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Many thanks to Lori Caswell for the blog tour invite. Katherine, thanks for answering for my questions. 🙂

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