Three Widows and a Corpse by Debra Sennefelder


Title: Three Widows and a Corpse (Food Blogger Mysteries #3)

Author: Debra Sennefelder

Published on: 29th October 2019

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Hope Early is busy juggling between her food blog, revamping her new house, feeding the chickens and trying to keep her pets Bigelow and Princess out of a cat and dog fight. The little town of Jefferson is hosting its annual treasure hunt. Claire, Hope’s sister is in a grumpy mood after losing the town’s mayoral elections. Somehow, Hope coerces Claire to join the treasure hunt.

But Hope finding dead bodies every now and then seems to be a trend these days! As the four enter the restaurant to pick up a napkin for the treasure hunt, Hope finds a dead body in the parking lot. Lionel Whitcomb is lying in a pool of blood. Elaine, his wife, is at the restaurant too, as a participant of the treasure hunt and almost faints on seeing her husband’s dead body. Two more women are shocked to see their husband dead! A bigamist and a fraud, who would have wanted to kill Lionel? Hope is drawn to solving the murder.


Three Widows and a Corpse is the third book in the Food Blogger Mystery series by Debra Sennefelder. I reviewed the second book – The Hidden Corpse a couple of months ago and I loved the story.

If I have to compare between Three Widows and a Corpse and The Hidden Corpse, I would say that Three Widows and a Corpse is more interesting and keeps one hooked on to the story. The mystery is well-maintained throughout the book. The red herrings are sure to direct the readers on a wrong path. 😀 The characters are well portrayed and likeable.

Hope Early is somewhat of a Ms Nosy Parker. She cannot mind her business. She’s been warned by the police and the killer to stay away from trouble. But Hope and trouble go hand in hand. 😉 (Hope-fully in trouble. Excuse the pun!) Bigelow the dog and Princess the cat adds quite a charm to the story. Of course, no cozy is complete without furry friends and delicious baked goodies. Given that Hope is a food blogger, there is always food in her fridge. Chocolate and Walnut muffins, flourless chocolate cake, pies… yum, yum!

The identity of the killer is unexpected. But I gotta say that I did have a doubt that so-and-so is somehow involved. But it didn’t spoil me from enjoying the story because Debra is a brilliant author and she knows how to put the detective in you off track. 😀 Hope is someone who might annoy you at times. There’s nothing wrong with her, mind you. It’s just that she wants to keep everyone happy and is very bad at saying no. Happens, right? *shrugs*

Apart from Hope, the other characters I liked include Drew, Claire and Ethan. Also, Hope’s chickens play quite a role in the story. Here peck, there peck, everywhere peck, peck.

If you like to read books of the genre Cozy Mystery then you might want to give Three Widows and a Corpse a try. A brilliantly written story with interesting characters and well-kept suspense makes this book an enjoyable and entertaining read.

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