Christmas Secrets By The Sea by Jane Lovering

Tansy Merriweather’s going through a rough patch. Life’s given her a bunch of lemons – she’s lost her job, her relationship and much more. The shock and guilt of having been cheated by a lover have taken a toll on Tansy. From a posh apartment in London to living in a campervan on Dorset beach with a limited supply of food, Tansy’s life has changed drastically.

She meets Karen, a single mother, who runs a cafe with her teenaged son – Rory. When Karen tells Tansy about a job opportunity – a local scout for a TV show, Tansy’s life is about to change for good. Tansy meets Keenan, who is now a part of the TV show. With free food and a bit of easy money, Tansy starts to work as a local scout and takes Rory as her assistant.

She meets the two actors of the show Spindrift – Davin, and Larch. Davin’s as grouchy as he’s handsome. Larch is no better either. But as time passes by and Tansy spends more and more time with Davin, she realizes that under all that bad temper, Davin is a sweetheart.

The story also involves two dogs – Brian and Seelie. Brian’s a stray mutt who’s been sticking to Tansy for no reason. Meanwhile, Seelie is Davin’s dog and she’s a whippet. The dogs have a love story of their own and Seelie ends up giving birth to nine puppies. Meanwhile, Karen also seems to be lucky in love.

The story was charming, heart-warming and at times, heart-wrenching. Davin is a famous model-turned-actor and has a lot of secrets in life. Tansy’s also been through a lot and has been carrying her grief, bundled tightly. And though they don’t gel well initially, as time passes by, they find comfort and consolation in sharing secrets with each other.

Christmas Secrets by the Sea is the story of love, hope, and life. It makes you laugh. It also makes you cry. Tansy’s grief makes you cry. Davin’s childhood memories make you sad. But past is now a memory. How two individuals, who have had difficult times in the past, meet and find hope is well portrayed in this story.

The twist in the story was when Davin’s very curious to know if Tansy’s signed the non-disclosure agreement. And when he recruits her as his assistant, Tansy puts two and two together and finds out the truth behind Davin desperately wanting an assistant.

The story is engaging and keeps you hooked on till the end. Lovering’s writing style is superb. When you think that the story is going to end on a good note, there’s a twist. And of course, all’s well that ends well. The story does have a happy ending or two. There’s a little bit of humor too but the story is inclined towards human emotions.

The characters are unique, with each of them having a story of their own. The characters and their stories are beautifully amalgamated into one big story. Life gives you second chances, never lose hope and faith in yourself and you are not alone, not even during your tough times – these are the things you get to take away from this book.

 Christmas Secrets by the Sea by Jane Lovering is a must-read for those who believe in second chances and for those who do not believe in second chances. For those who do not believe in second chances, this book is going to make you change your decision. And for those who believe, this book will give you strength and encourage you to never give up.




Language/Writing: 4.5/5


Character Development: 5/5

Ending: 5/5


Overall rating: 5/5




Title: Christmas Secrets by the Sea

Author: Jane Lovering

Publication Date: 13th December 2018

Genre: Romance, General Fiction



Featured Image Credits: NetGalley

Thank you, Farrago and NetGalley for the ARC.

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