She by Pete Brassett

The first book that I DNFed. I am usually choosy when it comes to reading books and after seeing a lot of good ratings and reviews on this one, I decided to read it.

These are the issues I had with the story :

The story is about a serial killer and two police officers trying to catch the killer.

The serial killer is a female. The story starts with a flashback of someone called Harry. The narrator is telling the story of Harry. Then the story proceeds to “she” stalking the narrator. They meet at the bar, and then he drops her back home. The next day he finds her at his doorstep. He’s shocked as to how she found his address. She says that she’s friends with Harry and he gave her the address. Then begins a love story of sorts between the narrator and “she”. A couple of weeks later, she opens up to him and tells him about her “fetishes”. As a kid, she used to skewer live animals – small ones like rats and all. She was withdrawn after her dad’s death and killing animals gave her pleasure!!???

He then finds a cigar box. He opens it to find eight fingers in it. She’s cool about him finding out her “hobby”. She tells him that he’s finally found her “souvenirs”. That’s it! I couldn’t read it anymore.

The story alternates between this “love story” and DI Munro and DS West’s conversation. I found Munro to be annoying. He uses “wee” in almost every sentence. And he’s supposed to be intelligent of them all. DS West is supposed to join him and he thinks that West is a man. He’s surprised to see that West is a young woman in her late twenties. (He has this conversation in his head about her age!) West is an imbecile. At least she’s portrayed like one!

Harry goes missing and West is solving his case. She finds his cell phone at his house but since the phone has no sim, she says that the evidence is useless. Our intelligent man – DI Munro, corrects her and says that even without a sim, one can still find the last location thanks to GPS. The story has lot many such scenarios where Munro proves West wrong – he knows it all! Now you know why I said that she’s portrayed as an imbecile.

Both the stories were annoying. Munro and his ‘wee bit of blah blah’, and “she” and her obsession. Who on earth continues to date a person knowing that they have serial killer tendencies? Killing animals in childhood and stalking someone, and yet he’s in love with her!

At 20%, I had almost decided to stop reading this book. Somehow I thought the story might get better. But I was wrong. I was more annoyed as the story proceeded and finally, at 32%, I decided that enough is enough!!

I hope this is the first and last book that I DNF!


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10 thoughts on “She by Pete Brassett

    1. It was scary, Shalini. I had to hug my pillow tight to fall asleep. 🙈 The next thriller I read was pretty good. 🙂

    1. Dhokla nahi, fafda. 😉😂 Dal nahi, fish.
      Actually… Do not forward also sounds good. Disjunctive normal form??? Sounds like some mathematical term. 🤔
      DNF – did not finish.

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