Book Log #12

07 to 14 October 2018

I read four books this past week.

Murder on the bog road by David Pearson was the first book I read this past week. The story started on a good note. The body of a young woman is found in a ditch. With no identification papers or ID, the Garda ( Irish police) have a tough time gathering clues. Later on, someone comes to the station claiming that the young woman was a Polish girl and was working as a prostitute. The further clues take the Gardas to Poland where the victim’s brother is the main suspect in her murder. Finally, the murderer (not the brother) is caught and brought to court for trial. The story doesn’t end here. There was a Lee Harvey Oswald kind of a scenario. The perp is walking towards the prison van when the victim’s brother stabs him to death. The story was okay but the writing wasn’t. The sentences were long and could use some editing.

The next book that I read was Murders and Metaphors by Amanda Flower. A book about books and magical bookshop! I loved this Cozy mystery. It was a perfect blend of magic and mystery. More details on the review this week.

I then read A Thousand Doors by J.T.Ellison. The story was unique. Mia decides to testify against her husband’s fraud but before she could do that, her husband stabs her and leaves her to die. Mia sees a bright white light and an angel shows her all the things that she could have done, had she been living another life. Then the story is divided into multiple chapters, each chapter is a story of Mia’s other life. Many authors have contributed to this story and each chapter is a recreation of Mia’s life – as each author sees it. I liked the concept of multiple lives and multiple authors. Some of the stories were heart-warming, some heart-wrenching and some were just okay. The ending is written by J.T.Ellison I absolutely loved the ending!

The next book that I read was Academic Curveball by James J Cudney. A fellow blogger and author and I wanted to read his book. Having heard and read good reviews about his previous books, which I am yet to read, and Academic Curveball being his first Cozy mystery series, I decided to read it. I asked him for an ARC two days ago. I loved the story! And I loved his writing! The writing was very similar to Christie’s works. I am also planning to read the second book in this series. Tomorrow is the publication date of Academic Curveball and I will be posting my review tomorrow. So no more spoilers now. 😉

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading.

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