The Girl With A Secret Crush by Sudha Nair

Title: A Girl With A Secret Crush

Author: Sudha Nair

Published on: 15th July 2018

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Having heard a lot about Sudha Nair’s writing, I decided to read this short story – The Girl with a secret crush. The story is about Malini, a proofreader who works at Jayco Publishing. She doesn’t have a lot of friends – doesn’t like to socialize. She lives in an apartment with her pet cat – Peepal. eight years of hard work and no promotion, the only reason she’s been working at this publishing house is because of Vikram Mathur – a famous author.

Malini is smitten by Vikram and his works. She’s seen every interview and read every blog of his. And she’s also read all his books fifty times! My opinion here – it was more of an obsession than a crush. Malini finally gets a chance to meet Vikram and she’s angry with him because he’s decided to ‘kill’ Tara – a character in his book.


After a meeting gone bad, Malini is just about to go home when her long blue skirt rips apart. Vikram protects her modesty and drops her home in his car. Though Vikram accepted Malini’s suggestions to his story, they still seem to be hostile. Sanghamitra, Malini’s manager, promotes Malini and makes her Vikram’s editor. A year later, Vikram and Malini celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Except for the ‘obsession’ part, the story was good. There is something different about Indian Writing – the romance is cheesy, the story is mostly based on a love angle and sometimes there is a villain too! The stories seem straight out of a Bollywood movie!

After having read a lot of books by non-Indian authors, I wanted to read a book by an Indian author. Saw a lot of good reviews on this one and decided to borrow it from Kindle Unlimited.  The writing was really good. The story was okay. I did not like the characters. Malini was madly in love with a fictional character and the author while Vikram seemed like an angry young man.

I am choosy when it comes to books of the genre romance and this book was not up to my liking.

10 thoughts on “The Girl With A Secret Crush by Sudha Nair

  1. it was more of an obsession than a crush… I was kinda thinking that too. LOL. But you put it into great perspective referencing it against a Bollywood movie!!!

    1. Isn’t it, Nina? Who reads a favorite author’s books 50times? I admit I read Harry Potter and prisoner of azkaban 5-6 times but that’s it. (Sirius was my book crush back then)
      These things happen only in movies, don’t they? 😉

      1. Most of my classmates had a crush on him. 😉 It was not just me. But I was very secretive about it. 😉😉

    1. Haha, I hardly watch any. The recent one I watched was… Tumhari sulu I guess. Mum was watching, I just saw a bit of it. That’s not the same as watching, is it? 😂 What about you? 😀

      1. Nahhh, haven’t seen hindi movies in 2 years… I don’t see TV… My new year resolution is to start seeing if my TV works and then think about what to see

      2. Haha. I have been binge watching TV serials – English. 😀 Since I started this blog, I have cut down my TV time. 😂

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