Ghost Busting Mystery by Daisy Pettles

Dode Schneider, a farmer, insists that the abandoned Wyatt mansion next to his farm is haunted by ghosts. He has seen the ghosts with big bums dancing in the apple orchard. Pawpaw County Sheriff Boots Gibson is fed up of Dode’s complaint and decides to give this ‘case’ to detectives-in-training of Shades Private Detective Agency – Ruby Jane Waskom aka RJ and Veenie Goens aka Lavinia Goens. The two best gal pals are 60+ and in need of money. With Veenie’s interest to be a ghostbuster, the two gals grannies decide to solve the case of ghosts with green lights on their butts. When they reach the mansion, they find a skeleton on a rocking chair. With seances, a case of robbery, a fed and a con artist, these two detectives-in-training grans take you on a hilarious journey.

What a HOOT! I am out of words to describe this story. Hilarious? Yes. Wacky? Yes. Quirky? Yes. Rib-tickling humor? Yes. Unique? Yes, Yes, Yes!

I have never read a book that includes ghosts (with green lights on their bums… I just can’t stop saying that!), grannies with chattering dentures, bank robbery, seances, fraud, a dog that farts and belches at the same time, and many more! Of all the cozy mysteries that I have read far, I must say that this is the wackiest and funniest one that I have ever read.

It is not easy to write rib-tickling humor and it is even more difficult to write something that is funny and quirky. Hats off to the author Daisy Pettles for combining both in this hilarious, mind-numbingly funny story – Ghost Busting Mystery.

The story takes a 180 degree turn when Jedidah Wyatt’s fraud charges come into picture. The skeleton found in the Wyatt mansion is most likely to be of his wife – Alta Iona Wyatt. Then another twist during the sΓ©ance. The concluding chapters are definitely the best part of the story. The cozy mysteries that I have read so far have a good ending (no doubt about it), but this book had a unique ending. The detective grannies are really good, mind you.

Each character in the story plays an important and quirky role. There’s Queet Hudsucker, the town librarian. Then there is this psychic Kandy Huggins who speaks Pig Latin during her seances. Ma and Peepaw Hortons – yes, you read it right. The wife is called Ma and the husband Peepaw. They own a chicken farm called chickenlandia – the rooster there is the big shot hero who likes to flex his muscles and show his biceps to the hens out there. Then there is the local newspaper called Hoosier Squealer and it is owned by a guy named Squeal Daddy. When RJ and Veenie find the skeleton, the Hoosier Squealer reports this news as “Ghosts Hosting Late Night Orgies at Wyatt Mansion.” And not to forget Harry Shades, who runs the Harry Shades Private Detective Agency and Boots Gibson, the Pawpaw County’s Sheriff. Veenie and RJ’s friendship is portrayed really well. I liked the bond that they have between them.

The names of the shops in Knobby Waters (Pawpaw County) are hilarious – Lube It Up is the mechanics. Go Go Gas is..yes, the gas station. Pokey’s Tavern is where one goes for a mystery-meat sandwich and greasy, fat onion rings. And of course, Ma and Peepaw Horton’s pie place – the best pies in the world!

A hilarious excerpt from the book:

If Harry thought we were crackpots, he should have hung around to listen to the ding-a-lings that called all afternoon. Lolly Shepherd called to say that her mother, Vera, had been missing all weekend from Leisure Hills – could that skeleton be her, just how fast did a body decompose, anyway? – but then she called back to say never mind. Her mom wasn’t dead. She’d been out all night making senior whoopee with some hot Elk from Oolitic she’d met at a euchre tournament.

Ghost Busting Mystery is a wackalicious cozy mystery. If you love to have a good laugh (who doesn’t?), then Ghost Busting Mystery is THE book for you.


My Rating


Language/Writing: 5/5 (quirky + funny + unique)

Plot/Story: 5/5 (twists and turns and mystery meat sandwiches and chocolate milk!)

Character Development: 5/5

Ending: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5


Book Details


Title: Ghost Busting Mystery (Shady Hoosier Detective Agency Series, Book 1)

Author: Daisy Pettles

Published on: 1st September 2018

Genre: Cozy Mystery, Humor

Purchase Links: | Book Depository



Featured Image Credits: NetGalley

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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