In the Mayor’s Parlour by J.S.Fletcher

Title: In the Mayor’s Parlour

Author: J.S.Fletcher

Publication: First published in 1922

Genre: Mystery, Crime

Rating: 4 out of 5.

John Wallingford has won the Hathelsborough Mayoral elections by one vote. As a Mayor, he promises to bring down corruption and abolish Town Trustees and their ancient regime. But before he could make any such changes, he is found brutally murdered in the Mayor’s Parlour. Mr.Brent decides to continue his late cousin’s work as well as find the murderer.

A love triangle between the late Mayor, a doctor and young widow of a Naval officer, the doctor is initially under suspicion. Then the suspicion falls on the Town trustees. With a long list of suspects, Brent, with the help of Town police, decides to solve this murder whodunit.

The story starts on an interesting note. The Mayor is found murdered in the Mayor’s Parlour and the room is found locked. How did the murderer enter the parlour? The gatekeeper doesn’t remember seeing anyone passing through. The other end of the Parlour opens into the police station and none of the constables remember seeing anyone entering the Mayor’s Parlour.


During the inquest, the love (tri)angle is brought into light. But Brent is not convinced of it. He suspects the Town Trustees – after all, one of them is now a self-elected Mayor. With the help of Peppermore – the local newspaper editor, Superintendent Hawthwaite and fiance Queenie, Brent decides to solve the mystery behind his cousin’s murder.

Somewhere in the middle, the love affair between Brent and Queenie takes precedence. We all love a good ending to a story, don’t we? This story gets really interesting in the last few chapters. With a lot of twists and surprises, especially in the end, I really enjoyed reading this book.

This is not a fast-paced crime novel. If you do not mind the drag in the middle, and if you love to read the mystery novels set in the 1900’s, then this book is worth a read.

Availability: You can download this book for free from Project Gutenberg.

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