A Notable Omission by Isabella Muir

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Title: Notable Omission (Janie Juke Mystery #4)

Author: Isabella Muir

Published on: 15 December 2022

Genre: Mystery & Thrillers | Historical

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

A Notable Omission is the fourth book in Isabella Muir’s Janie Juke Mystery series.

A Notable Omission by Isabella Muir is an engrossing, charming and entertaining historical cozy mystery. Set in the spring of 1970, the story follows the sleuthing adventures of two friends Janie Juke and Libby Frobisher. This is the first time that Janie’s left her three-month-old daughter with her dad and aunt. She and her husband Greg are having some trouble at the moment – nothing serious, though. But Janie could do with a break… and a debate about equality for women is something she didn’t want to miss.

At the debate – which is to run throughout the weekend at Sussex University – they meet John. Though the debate is focused on women and their rights, there are a few men joining the debate – to support the cause. The first day of the debate goes well but as the sunlight fades into darkness, one of the guests disappear.

John’s car is found in the woods but he’s nowhere to be seen. Janie and Libby are worried and they discuss his disappearance with Clem, the debate’s host. She says there’s nothing to worry about and he would return the next day. But there’s no sign of him the next day either.

Then, another guest almost dies… a car crash. Libby and Janie are now convinced there’s someone targeting a selected few guests from the debate. As they start digging deeper into the mystery, they learn some of the guests knew each other from before… and though things look good on the outside, there’s a simmering tension ready to blow at any moment.

The mystery behind John’s disappearance kept me guessing till the end. As the story proceeds, Janie and Libby learn a bit about John’s personal life, making one thing clear – he might have been a charming man but that could very well be just a facade.

Things take a turn for worse when another accident happens. The remaining guests do not want Janie and Libby to sleuth – they have secrets, you see. And they don’t want it out in the open, for reporters like Libby to feast on gossip and rumors. (Their saying, not mine!)

I loved the storytelling, the setting and the characters. The ending was unexpected and shocking. I didn’t see it coming.

Overall, this was a really good mystery. Charming, yes. Engrossing, yes. Can be read as a standalone though a part of series, yes. So go on, grab your copy today. 🙂

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