Fatal Legislation by Ellen Butler

fatal legislation

Title: Fatal Legislation (Karina Cardinal Mystery #2)

Author: Ellen Butler

Published on: 11th December 2018

Genre: Mystery

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Karina Cardinal is having a discussion with Senator Harper and all of a sudden, the senator clutches his chest and dies. Hours later, she wakes up freezing in her apartment and finds the back door open. Did she close it? Or did she not?

Her boyfriend Mike Finnegan works at the FBI. Karina had mistakenly taken the Senator’s phone with her after the tragedy but she cannot find it at her apartment. Mike is assigned to the Senator’s murder case – his pacemaker stopped working all of a sudden, possibly hacked.

With the help of her colleague Rodrigo, Karina jumps in to investigate the death of the Senator, thereby shaking a hornet’s nest. With a killer on the prowl, following the money might not be easy-peasy…


Fatal Legislation is the second book in Karina Cardinal Mystery series. Boy, did I love this book!! Action, adventure, a rogue agent, the Silverthorne Security guys, FBI, stakeout, politics and much more, this book was a complete entertainment package.

In her interview, Ellen mentioned that she’s in the process of writing book #4 and this time, KC is going international!!! Woohoo!! I love, love, love this series. KC and the Silverthorn guys are absolutely fantastic. Yeah, yeah, include Mike in the list too… and Rodrigo… and Jillian…

Alrighty, so, the story revolves around the Senator’s death. He did make a cryptic remark before dying and Karina wants to know more about it. Off she goes, poking her nose where it doesn’t belong and manages to attract the killer’s attention. After her last encounter with a killer, she’s now friends with the Silverthorne Security guys – Josh, Rick and Jin. These handsome, muscular guys are a complete distraction, I tell you!

KC now works at the NHAA – in the previous story, the reporters had stormed her office building and her boss was angry that KC chose to be her would-be father-in-law’s lawyer. Rodrigo and her boss, Hasina are a friendly lot. Then, there’s KC’s previous colleague, Latesha.

The storytelling is superb. As I read through, it felt like a movie playing in my head. The descriptions are crisp and perfect. The characters are likeable. The suspense is well-maintained throughout the story. The chase… Phew! The chase is mind-blowing! It goes without saying that Karina is quirky and she manages to bring a smile on the faces of the Silverthorne guys.

Fatal Legislation is a concoction of a political thriller and a cozy. Karina is an amateur sleuth but she’s excellent at finding clues and solving the mystery. Thrown in bits of humor here and there, and what you get is a brilliantly written mystery called Fatal Legislation. 😀 I absolutely recommend this book. The third book – Diamonds and Deception is releasing tomorrow so there’s going to be a publication day review. 😀 😀

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