Be Still My Heart by Sonia Parin

be still my heart

Title: Be Still My Heart (A Dear Abby Cozy Mystery #2)

Author: Sonia Parin

Published on: 25th February 2018

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

It’s been months now since Abby Maguire found her employer dead. A new country and new people, Abby seems to be adjusting well. After witnessing a cat fight between two Eden Thespian rivals, Abby hopes the annual picnic would be a place for some juicy gossip.

It so happens that the annual picnic is in full swing and people are out eating sandwiches or boating. Abby notices a lone boat floating in the middle of the lake. Couple of minutes later, the boat has entered a bushy area. Joyce, the local cafe` owner who beats Abby to the latest news, and Abby are curious to know if the boat is rowed to the bushes so that a cuchikooing couple can have some ‘we’ time. They are both shocked to see a woman lying with her face down, body limp.

Joshua, the local Detective Inspector arrives at the scene. The cops aren’t sure if the victim died of natural causes or if it was a murder. Abby isn’t very convinced that it is a death by natural causes so with the help of Joyce, Faith and Doyle, she decides to investigate.


I remember reading the first book in this series – End Of The Lane when I first started blogging. I was looking forward to reading the other books in this series and almost a year later, I finally found some time to do so!! End of the Lane was a very promising start to a super-duper cozy series.

Recap from End of the Lane: Abby Maguire, a lifestyle reporter, moves from Seattle to a small town in Australia. With more than just a climate change, Abby finds it difficult to adjust – the people here aren’t friendly at all and see her as a foreigner. On her way to meet her employer, Abby finds a dog which she chooses to adopt. As she reaches her employer’s house, she finds him dead – murdered. With Abby’s job in jeopardy, she wishes to bring the killer of her probably ex-employer to justice.

The first book ends with Abby’s job being secure. In fact, as the story ends, people around her seem to consider her as one of their own. Abby’s made friends too – Joyce, the cafe` owner, and Faith, assistant at Eden Rise Gazette. Then there’s the local Detective Joshua. He cares for Abby and even helps her a tad when he learns that she’s picked up a scent and is off searching for clues. Doyle, Abby’s dog, is the star of the story. The dog can grin, whimper and nod its furry head as if he could understand human language. How cute is that!

The mystery behind the murder was mind-blowing. The ‘poison’ used to kill the victim was something that I haven’t come across before. Also, the way the poison was administered was creative – kudos to Sonia Parin for this. (I cannot talk more about this as it would make this review a spoiler)

Abby’s detective skills are superb. The credit also goes to Joyce and Faith for helping her out. Yes, Doyle, you are included too in the credits, don’t whimper now! Abby’s mum is worried about her – a new place and new job, she makes it a point to video chat with her daughter every now and then, even when Abby is on a clue hunt! The dialogues are quirky and funny. As the story ends, Abby finds a ‘Virtual Assistant’ for the Eden Rise Gazette – no spoilers again. 😉

Be Still My Heart by Sonia Parin is an entertaining and delightful cozy mystery. Do give this series a try. 🙂

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