Murder Wears a Little Black Dress by Debra Sennefelder

Title: Murder Wears a Little Black Dress (A Resale Boutique Mystery #1)

Author: Debra Sennefelder

Publication Date: 22 January 2019

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Kelly Quinn has moved from New York to Lucky Cove after an embarrassing event. She worked at Bishop’s before and after a series of misunderstandings, Kelly was shown the door. From Manhattan buyer and fashionista to running her grandmother’s consignment shop, Kelly’s career has taken a roller-coaster ride.

After her grandmother’s death, Kelly’s taken over the consignment shop. But things aren’t easy there either. It always comes in threes, doesn’t it? Kelly faces three legal problems, three people trouble her but phew, at least the murders stopped at 2!

Pepper, grandma’s best friend and help at the shop isn’t happy with Kelly’s decision to change the name of the shop. Bernadette Rydell, the town resident psychic has a vision while trying on a dress at Kelly’s. She says that the little black dress that she’s currently wearing once belonged to a murderer.

To add to this mess, Bernadette’s cousin Maxine, is found dead. Since Kelly found the body, Detective Wolman suspects her of killing Maxine. With nobody ready to believe the psychic’s ‘vision’, will Kelly be able to solve this mystery?


A psychic’s vision, a dress worn by a murderer and an ex-fashionista, what do these things have in common? Murder Wears a Little Black Dress is an entertaining and engaging story by Debra Sennefelder. With a medium dose of humor, this book has lots to offer to the reader.

I loved the concept of a psychic’s vision of a murder. Imagine that you are in a consignment shop and as soon as the psychic tries on a dress, they have these powerful visions of a crime. Doesn’t that make you doubt about the other clothes at the shop? What if the one I liked was worn by a murderer while committing a crime? Creepy!!

Kelly and Liv’s friendship is adorable. Liv always has Kelly’s back no matter what and that shows a sign of an ever-lasting friendship. Ariel and Kelly had some issues in the past and Kelly blames herself for ruining Ariel’s life. But all’s well that ends well, right? Their relationship takes a turn and in the end, Ariel does something that makes you go aww!

Though those around Kelly do not believe in psychics, Kelly cannot seem to shake off the scene involving Bernadette’s vision. In the end, Kelly’s curiosity gets her into some serious trouble. Kelly’s financial issues and how she manages to fight it are well portrayed in the book. Uncle Ralph, the one relative that nobody wants to talk about, continues to be a pain, till the end. The guy does nothing but blame and underestimates poor Kelly.

I liked Sennefelder’s writing style. I loved the sense of humor that she’s brought about in the story. The ending was fantastic, with a little action movie-like sequence. The identity of the murderer and the mysterious little black dress was unexpected and unique. I am looking forward to reading the second book in this series.

If you are looking for a cozy mystery with an extraordinary twist, then do not forget to check out this book.

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