To Fetch A Thief

Title: To Fetch A Thief

Authors: Terese Inge, Heather Weidner, Jayne Ormerod, and Rosemary Shomaker

Published on: 8 November 2018

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

To Fetch A Thief is a collection of four short stories that have gone to the dogs!

Hounding the Pavement by Teresa Inge

Catt Ramsey is trying to make her ends meet by running a dog walking service. On one of such dog walking days, Candice is found dead in her apartment. Someone’s murdered her and Catt finds the body. Candice is a celebrity and lives with her aunt/housekeeper – Margot.

Brock Randall, a city council member asks Catt to find a stolen necklace. After a party, the necklace, which was Brock’s grandmother’s, seems to have disappeared. Catt says that she doesn’t run a doggy detective agency but Brock is not ready to take a no for an answer.

When Catt finds Candice’s body, she’s now convinced that something sinister is going on in the apartment block. With the help of her two dogs – Cagney and Lacey, Catt decides to solve the mystery behind the stolen necklace and murder.


Diggin’ Up Dirt by Heather Weidner

Amy Reynolds has just moved to a new house with her husband, Kevin. With days to go before she starts working at the school, Amy decides to finish off with the unpacking.

Her Jack Russel terrier Darby finds a new hobby – digging the backyard. With the help of some nosy neighbors, Amy finds out something about the previous owners and Amy knows that something’s not right.

When Darby finds a plastic box with a wedding ring in it, Amy decides to play Nancy Drew. Things take a turn for good when Amy’s worst fears come true – Darby finds something big in the backyard!

It’s A Dog Gone Shame by Jayne Ormerod

Meg Gordon and her terrier Cannoli are on their usual walk at the Haverford Community Garden, unofficially known as The Dog Gone Garden when she finds a couple of memorial rocks missing.

The garden is well known for its rock commemorations, where each rock signifies a dog that has crossed the rainbow bridge. But when more rocks disappear, Meg goes to her friend Dharma for help. Dharma is an artist who paints the commemorative rocks. The duo walk back to the park only to see that there is now a dead body near the dog memorial!

The story includes Mrs. Bennett, a not-so-invalid senior citizen, a cute little girl called Amber who finds the rocks “vewy pwetty” and, a pyscho-murderer.


This is not a dog Park by Rosemary Shomaker

Adam Moreland is pissed with his boss and life in general. But when things involving burglaries and coyotes come his way, he’s in for a huge surprise.

The story involves two Marys, one is Adam’s ex and the other is his dog! Mary (the dog) confronts a coyote at the park and when Adam, with the help of two other walkers, manages to shoo away the animal, they find a dead body. But with the murder weapon found in Adam’s car, Adam is now in a soup

Four novellas, each featuring a dog or two and loads of fun! I can’t choose a favorite. Each story is unique and wonderful. Three stories end with the characters and their dog(s) encountering the perp, while one ends with the character solving a murder mystery that never existed until the evidence of a murder was found!

What more does one want in a Cozy series? Pets? Yes. In this case, it’s dogs. A murder or any sort of crime? Yes. Ordinary peeps (not detectives) solving the crime? Yes. Suspense? Yes. Fun? Yes. Yes. Yes!

I loved all the four stories and as I mentioned before, I can’t choose a favorite. All were interesting and kept me hooked on to the story till the end. From Coyotes to skeletons in the closet to cookies to brownies to doggy detectives, this book had it all!

Thank you, Lori Caswell from Great Escapes Virtual Blog Tours, for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this blog tour.

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  1. Let “The Book Decoder” offer you a first glimpse of new books! She’s like a friend who can tell you some book basics, and the To Fetch a Thief authors appreciate her glimpses of the four novellas in To Fetch a Thief. Me? I wrote “This is Not a Dog Park,” and I like The Book Decoder’s comment that my main character Adam Moreland finds himself “in a soup”–great image! You gotta love the unhinged Margot character in Teresa Inge’s story. Kevin is a good “reality-check” character, as Amy’s husband, in Heather Weidner’s story. Jayne Ormerod’s mystery centers around a remembrance display for passed pooches. She shares a photo of a real “Dog Gone Garden” on one blog–I’ll make sure that’s on our website. Remember, books make great gifts!

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