Lemonade and Lies by Agatha Frost

Title: Lemonade and Lies (A Peridale Café Cozy Mystery #2)

Author: Agatha Frost

Published on: 11 February 2017

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Lemonade and Lies is the second installment of Peridale Cozy Mystery Series by Agatha Frost, this book is absolutely wonderful. The story starts with a bang – Jessie, the homeless girl that Julia decided to look after, has been having sleepwalking problems. Julia has finally signed her divorce papers (in the first book, she was hesitant to open the letter from her solicitors). Jessie brings her a purple envelope.

Looks like everybody in the village has received one. An invitation to attend the party at the Peridale Mansion. After Julia’s mother’s death, her dad – Brian found love again. Katie, who is almost half his age is not only from a very wealthy South family of Peridale, but also his wife. Vincent South, Katie’s father is almost an invalid and Katie has decided to turn the mansion into a world-class spa!


But Charles, Katie’s brother has other plans. Every villager is a witness to the tiff between Richard and Charles, minutes before the party started. As Katie announces her decision to turn the mansion into a spa, Charles picks up a fight with her. Minutes later, Charles falls to his death.

Although estranged from her father, Julia still loves him. She knows he’s in the suspect lists and decides to poke her nose into the investigation. Now that Barker Brown (the detective) has a thing for Julia, he lets her investigate the case. But things take a turn for good when one of the suspects turns out to be dangerous.

I love Agatha Frost’s Peridale Café series. This is the second book that I have read and it just keeps getting better and better. Frost’s writing style is simply marvelous. No cozy mystery is complete without humor and quirkiness. Enter Grandma Dot – from illegal poker club to a book club – the senior citizens decide to read the one book that was available in bulk at the local book store – Fifty Shades of Grey!

The characters were simply superb. Sally and Richard’s on-off relationship/wedding was a nice touch. In the end, Sally decides to do what she has always wanted to – a nice moral there. Katie and Brian’s relationship was quirky. Katie is 37 while Brian is 62, quite an odd pair! Terry, Joanne, and Jamie – the family that plays a very interesting role in the story.

Julia’s detective skills are praiseworthy. As soon as Charles falls to his death, Julia goes to the room from where Charles fell and discovers that one of the showpieces from the display case is missing. She isn’t convinced that the showpiece just disappeared into thin air. Accidentally discovering the vital clue that almost kills her in the end – mind-blowing! Of course, how can I not mention Mowgli – Julia’s cat, or peppermint and liquorice tea – Julia’s all-time favorite.

Lemonade and Lies is a wonderful cozy mystery by Agatha Frost. Funny, quirky, and engaging with a tad bit of nail-biting scenario (almost at the end).

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