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Case of the Burned Brownies by Jessica Lansberry



Beatrice, Sophie, and Stella are going on vacation. One of Bea’s ex-students is getting married and she insisted that Bea should bake her famous cupcakes for the wedding. The trio decide to take turns to drive but as soon as Bea starts to drive, Sophie claims that she doesn’t know to drive and Stella says she doesn’t want to ruin her manicured nails.

Their car breaks down on the highway and they manage to drive it t the nearest town – Mt.Morte. They take the car to a garage but the mechanic refuses to help them. Meanwhile, a Ms. Parker drives her car out of the garage. In a minute or two, the trio hear a loud clang. Ms. Parker’s car has crashed into a tree. Before Bea could reach the accident spot, the car explodes and burns Ms. Parker to a crisp.

The girls decide to spend the night at Mt. Morte. There are two dilapidated hotels in the town, one has a roof and the other doesn’t! Bea books three rooms at the hotel, only to learn that the owner of the hotel is Bea’s ex-student, Susie. And Ms. Parker was Susie’s daughter. Bea decides to stay back and help Susie in catching her daughter’s murderer.


My Review


Case of the Burned Brownies is the fourth book in the Cookie Club mystery series. I love Jessica Lansberry’s stories – it is quirky, funny and weird. The only issue I have is that her books are not edited or proofread, so one gets to see quite a few grammatical and spelling mistakes. But apart from that, her stories are excellent!

Meet the three quirkiest characters ever. Beatrice, a retired teacher who has now found her passion for baking. Her pastries, pies, and cookies can make a criminal’s heart melt! Stella always dresses up, be it early morning or midnight. Her light fitting jeans and sexy tops and make-up, she doesn’t like to think that she’s sixty-something. And she can flirt with any man! Any except, maybe, in this case, she couldn’t woo the mechanic to repair their car. But one cannot blame her. The mechanic was interested in men! Then comes Sophie! Her antics are..can I say Alien-like? She colors her hair pink or purple or green. In this story, she’s colored her hair bright yellow! She doesn’t know the difference between salt and water and tea.

The first three books were more about Bea solving the case in her hometown. But now the girls are on a vacation and Inspector Rogers (Bea’s ex-student and current boyfriend) is not around to help them. But the story is incomplete without a cheeky talk between Rogers and Bea! Rogers does help the trio in the end; he even saves their lives!

The story was full of twists and turns. With the whole villagers as murder suspects, Bea has no clue as to who murdered Ms. Parker. And it doesn’t end here. Susie is suspected of having an affair Ms. Parker’s boyfriend! The boyfriend is supposedly having an affair with the mechanic! Susie also seems to be having an affair with the mechanic! Should I call this a love rectangle???

Well, coming to the title, you must be wondering that if Ms. Parker was burnt to a crisp then why does the title say brownie? Sophie was eating brownies when their car broke down. When they reached the garage, Sophie sat in Ms. Parker’s car and started munching the delicious brownies. When Ms. Parker shooed Sophie out of the car, Sophie forgot to take the box of brownies from the dashboard!

Out of the four books that I have read in this series (there are totally 5 books in this series), I liked this one the best. The only issue was the grammatical errors and it kinda spoiled the fun a bit.


My Rating


Language/Writing: 3/5

Plot/Story: 5/5

Character Development: 5/5

Ending: 5/5


Overall Rating: 4.5/5


Book Details

Title: Case of the Burned Brownies (Cookie Club Mystery #4)

Author: Jessica Lansberry

Published on: 27th June 2017

Genre: Cozy Mystery, Crime


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