A Youthful Indiscretion by Elizabeth Edmondson

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It is 1953, and Freya Wryton is determined to discover the truth of murdered Lord Selchester’s youthful passion for the mysterious Marie Louise.

Her family and his colleagues want her late uncle’s secrets to go to the grave with him, but intelligence officer Hugo Hawksworth is as curious as Freya about what happened between Lord Selchester and Marie Louise in that golden Oxford summer before the first world war.

The stakes are high since Marie Louise’s life and death hold the key to the great Selchester inheritance: fortune, castle, and title.


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The story starts with Hugo attending a meeting with his boss Sir Bernard. Hugo’s team has a new joinee – Miss Godwin – she’s more of a people pleaser. Meanwhile, Freya decides to find out more about the letter she found in her late uncle, Lord Selchester’s belongings. The letter was written by one Mary Louise, Lord Selchester’s former lover. The investigation takes Freya to London and a person claiming to be government official warns her to stop poking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Her cousin and late uncle’s daughter, Sonia tries to stop her too.

But Freya is unstoppable. She finds out that her late uncle and Mary were married. She sends the marriage certificate to her solicitors. The solicitors call Freya saying that Mary and Lord Selchester had a child. And then… that’s it!

I borrowed this book from Kindle Unlimited because the title said “Novella”. I wanted a break from reading thrillers and this book sounded like a good one. Short and sweet. It was short all right… and a cliffhanger too!  The book was more like an introduction to part 2 of the series – A very English Mystery.

I loved the story (except the ending) and the characters. I am planning to read all the books in this series. The background – 1950’s and London, and the plot ( Lord Selchester’s murder mystery and the unknown heir) sounds like an interesting combination. But, if you are planning to read this as a standalone, then I recommend you better skip this one. From what other reviewers have written in Goodreads, this book is more of an introduction to the second book in the series.


I am not going to rate this book. The story was good but the ‘ending’ wasn’t.


Book Details


Title: A Youthful Indiscretion

Author: Elizabeth Edmondson

Published on: 8th October 2015

Genre: Mystery, Historical Fiction


Featured Image Credits: Goodreads.com

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    1. Yes, Shalini. This one said novella, never knew that it was just an introduction to the second book. I am planning to read the series sometime – hopefully by the end of this year. 😀

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