One Very Odd Teacher by Robbie Yates

Title: One Very Odd Teacher

Author: Robbie Yates

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Adam hears a very strange noise as he leaves the classroom. The humming noise seems to reach a peak when Mrs.Murphy is around. Mrs. Murphy’s favorite stationery brand is TrooCo. She insists that her students use TrooCo pencils, TrooCo markers and TrooCo glue – which is (allegedly) used to fix parts of the Space shuttle!

Jennifer is 5M’s ideal student and Adam’s best friend. Jennifer and Adam not convinced that Mrs.Murphy is who she claims to be – a human! So they decide to find out the truth about this One Very Odd Teacher – Mrs. Murphy.


My Review

This book reminded me of the comics that I used to read as a kid – Tinkle. Tinkle was not just a comic, it also had fun facts and did you knows. And each story had some moral behind it. And One Very Odd teacher was just that – a super-duper combination of fun and learning.

I did not have any strange teachers in school – at least not someone like Mrs.Murphy or Mr.Lorenz (no blue candy!) But this book did remind me of my school teachers.

The kids are clueless about what an abacus is. And they do not seem to be interested in Mrs.Murphy’s video lectures on transistors and whatnot. (Pretty boring stuff, Mrs.Murphy!)

I loved the characters. Adam and Jennifer were the stars of this show, no doubt about it. I also liked Helmut – the poor thing always seemed confused, especially when Mrs.Murphy was around!  I have spoken a lot about Mrs.Murphy so yes, she is also my favorite character.

The book also describes a kid’s life perfectly – daydreaming in class – yes ma’am! Nightmares like forgetting to wear clothes to school or being chased by mad cows – yes sir!

I loved the story. The writing was crisp and easy to read – an important point when it comes to children’s books. Did you know that blueberries are purple and not blue? Do you know what a Sibilant means? The book is full of such fun facts and interesting things.

I liked Adam’s curios nature. And Jennifer as a good friend who believed in Adam. The two kids are very intelligent, mind you. The plan they come up with to catch Mrs.Murphy red-handed is brilliant.

One Very Odd Teacher is a marvellous and witty children’s fiction by Robbie Yates.

Thank you, Shalini and DigitalRead blog tours for giving me an opportunity to read this marvellous book.

14 thoughts on “One Very Odd Teacher by Robbie Yates

      1. …I was anticipating it with excitement… and even then it’s better than I could have ever imagined. 😀😀😀😀😀😀

      2. 😀 😀 Told you that it is going to be a surprise 😀 Really happy that you are happy 😀 😀

      3. It sure was! Oh man I’m so excited. I may have just sent the link to a bunch of my friends and family members… 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      4. Mrs. Murphy takes Adam and Jennifer to the moon – the next book by Robbie Yates 😉 Space shuttle built using TrooCo products 😉 – The next installment of one very odd teacher. 😀

      5. Bahahaha. If the space shuttle is really built using TrooCo products, it’ll fall apart before they even launch… it’ll be a very short book 😂😂😂😂

      6. Hahaha. Mrs. Murphy can transform into a space shuttle in that case. But then, she’s a TrooCo product too. 😉


    I absolutely adore every word of this review! I can’t tell you how excited and grateful I am.


    1. Aww, that was so sweet of you, Robbie 😀 I absolutely loved your book. I am happy to hear that you liked my review. 🙂

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