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Edgar Bowen, a French financier, drowns in a bowl of soup. Rachel is shocked to hear the news of his death – after all, two decades earlier, Rachel was Edgar’s mistress. Rachel overhears a mourner at Edgar’s funeral, describing the circumstances of his death – there was a bottle of Rose` on the dining table when he died. Edgar was not a Rose` drinker. So, was there someone else at the table when Edgar died in his soup?

Rachel and her friend Magda decide to solve the mystery behind Edgar’s mysterious death. Rachel is mentioned in Edgar’s will and she meets the other members of Edgar’s ‘family’ who then turn out to be the suspects in Edgar’s alleged murder. There’s Mathilde – Edgar’s ex-wife, David – Edgar’s son, Catherine – Edgar’s current mistress and Elisabeth, who is Edgar’s aide de bureau.

Will Rachel and Magda, as amateur detectives, solve this murder mystery?


My Review


The story starts on a slow note. As the story proceeds further, you will be in for a nail-biting adventure. Each suspect has a unique character that makes Rachel doubt their role in Edgar’s alleged murder.

Elisabeth’s role is somewhat mysterious and doubtful. Would a sixty-something man have a love affair with a twenty-something? Plus, Edgar’s has left her twenty-thousand euros for ‘services rendered.’ Then there is Catherine – Edgar’s mistress, who shows mixed emotions when Edgar’s will is read out. She smiles when she hears that Edgar left her 7,500 euros, and then, a sudden sadness overcomes her happiness. Mathilde – Edgar’s ex-wife is as stern and emotionless as a stone. David is now the owner of all of Edgar’s estates – but he is neither happy nor sad about it. Fulke, the butler, is, as all butlers are – always perfect in everything.

When one of the ‘suspects’ falls to their death, Rachel is not convinced that it was a suicide. After all, she and Magda met the suspect days ago and the suspect did not sound suicidal or sad.

Rachel initially plays a role of a wanna-be detective. She makes tiny mistakes as she proceeds further with her ‘investigation.’ The story gets really interesting when the suspects either start to drop down like flies or disappear. And just when you think the story is going to end and the murderer is caught red-handed, Bam! There is a twist!

Rachel and Magda’s friendship is well portrayed in this story. The ending is unexpected and superb! The author’s writing style is informal. The plot and the way the story develops is excellent. Come on, Who on earth drowns in a bowl of soup? ‘The drowning in a bowl of soup’ is what drew my attention to this book.

The story is set in Paris so one gets to read a lot about the Parisian lifestyle. Magda’s life takes a turn too, as the story proceeds. Does she find the man of her dreams? She does meet someone, but is he the one? This is the first book in this series, so hopefully, I get to read more of Magda in the second book.

Death in Paris takes you on a nail-biting adventure through the streets of Paris.


My Rating: 4/5

Book Details


Title: Death In Paris (A Death in Paris Mystery #1)

Author: Emilia Bernhard

Publication date: 9th October 2018

Genre: Mystery, Crime, Women’s Fiction


I received a copy of Death In Paris from Thistle Publishing and this is my honest review. Thank you, David and Thistle Publishing for the ARC.

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