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Claire DeWitt is the self-proclaimed World’s Greatest Detective. As a young girl growing up in Brooklyn, Claire and her two friends, Tracy and Kelly, were inspired by Jacques Silette’s Detection and Cynthia Silverton, a teenage detective sensation. The three girls were inseparable and solved many cases until one-day when Tracy vanished without a trace. The one case that Claire and Kelly could never solve.

Claire is on her way to Las Vegas from San Francisco when she’s almost killed by a homicidal driver. With bruising and other injuries all over her body, Clare escapes from the accident scene – she’s not convinced that it was ‘just an accident.’ As she tries to solve the case behind the ‘accident’, she realizes that her P.I. license is not valid in the state of California. So, to make up for the remaining hours of work (to get a new license), she decides to work for Adam, a P.I. Adam gives her a cold case – the death of a renowned painter – Merritt Underwood.

Battered and bruised but strong, Claire decides to solve Merritt Underwood’s case. As she moves ahead, she reminisces her days with Constance Darling, the best detective in the World. Claire uncovers many secrets about Ann and Merritt. Along with the Merrit Underwood case, will Claire also solve the mystery behind Tracy’s disappearance?


My Review

Claire is constantly fighting the demons in her head – her addiction to narcotics, her relationship with Constance Darling, her childhood friends – Kelly and Tracy, Cynthia Silverton comics, and her search for truth – about life. The story was a cocktail of a whole lot of things – there was some good detective work, friendships, love, drugs, and some really dark secrets.

Best detective or not, Claire’s one of a kind. Of all the detective stories that I have read so far, Claire was this one such character that I really tried hard to understand – it was more of a love-hate thing. I loved her detective skills – she can go to any extent, including pointing a gun, as long as she gets what she wants. And then, there was the other part of Claire – her life in general – the drugs, losing Constance and Tracy – heart-wrenching!

My favorite part of the book is the Claire solving the mystery behind Ann’s death. That was totally unexpected and WOW! The story is a mirror reflection of Claire’s mind – confused and lost, but, strong and dedicated. The mystery behind Tracy’s disappearance and Claire coming to terms with it at the end – not the kind of ending that I expected. There are some mysteries that can never be solved, especially when people disappear on their own will. Or, do they disappear on their own will, never to be found again?

I like it when I can totally connect or relate to the characters and the story. This book was an exception. I couldn’t connect to the story or the character much, but there was something about this story that kept me hooked on till the end.
My Rating: 3/5


Book Details

Title: The Infinite Blacktop (Claire Dewitt Mysteries #3)

Author: Sara Gran

Publication Date: 18th September 2018

Genre: Mystery



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