The Cast by Amy Blumenfeld



The Cast :

Becca, her husband Nolan and their daughter Emma

Jordana, her husband Sal (Salil) and their twins – AJ and Mathew

Seth Gottlieb

Holly and Adam

Lex, her husband Jack and their three kids


When Becca was 15, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Her four friends- Jordana, Holly, Lex, and Seth make a Saturday Night Live-styled video (Becca Night Live) to cheer her up. 25 years later, the five, now well settled and happily married (except Seth), decide to meet again to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Becca Night Live.

A lot has changed over the years. Lex is stuck in an unhappy marriage, while Jordana is managing the house, in-laws and her career. Becca and Nolan have a happy married life until Becca, on her yearly follow-up, is told that she has breast cancer. Nolan and Becca have their own opinions about the reconstruction surgery – Nolan wants Becca to go ahead with reconstruction surgery while Becca just wants to get over with cancer and never return to the hospital. Holly and Adam have been desperately trying to have a child and after numerous IVF failures, Holly is finally pregnant. Holly and Adam, both being Jewish, follow the religion strictly. Holly is now in a dilemma about her unborn child – should the child follow strict Jewish traditions?


My Review


There is something about this story that keeps you hooked to the book until the end. It is the story of resilience (Becca fighting cancer), the story of love (Holly and Adam), the story of friendship (Jordana) and the story of finding the right one (Seth and Lex).

Jordana and Holly grow apart when Holly ‘steals’ Jordana’s boyfriend Adam. It so happens that Holly and Adam are on their trip to Israel and that is when they form a bond. 25 years later. Jordana still cannot let go of the fact that Holy stole her boyfriend.

Nolan acts as a complete ass! He’s more interested in “what his friends would think if Becca doesn’t opt for the reconstruction surgery.” Seth and Lex (together known as Slex) are in a dilemma. Their casual flirting takes a turn when they realize that they are in love.

The ending was a bit abrupt. Too many things happened at once, but that’s okay. The story was engaging, and I just didn’t want the book to end!!! The Cast makes you laugh and it also makes you cry. The story also reminds you of your childhood friends!

The story is ‘as narrated’ by the characters in the book namely Becca, Jordana, Nolan, Lex, Seth, and Holly. I liked this new style of story-telling, it really made The Cast an engaging read.

I cannot choose a favorite character – all are my favorite. Each and everybody has their own struggles but they fight it all, together. Life is so unpredictable and it is explained so well in this book. The ending, especially with Holly and Adam, was heart-wrenching.

The Cast, being Amy’s debut novel, is too good to be true! I absolutely loved this book!


My Rating: 5/5

Book Details


Title: The Cast

Author: Amy Blumenfeld

Published on: 14 August, 2018

Genre: General Fiction, Women’s Fiction



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