Book log #5

August 5th – 12th

The trip was both wonderful and refreshing. I have written about my journey. You can read about it here.

I read four books this past week.

Moscow Bound by Adrian Churchward was a thrilling and gripping story of a dark secret that the KGB and the USA have managed to keep until someone has started killing the ‘participants’ in the list. Set in the era of cold war, this book was so interesting that I just couldn’t put it down till the end!

The books that I read next were The Man who was Saturday by Derek Lambert and Loving Yourself in Style by Shabana Feroze. Let me first talk about Shabana Feroze’s book. I read Loving Yourself in Style the first thing in the morning and it made my day! It has everything from fashion tips to eating healthy to not caring about what others tell you to do in life (their way of ‘perfect life’). A short read but highly inspiring and motivating.

The Man who was Saturday by Derek Lambert was one hell of a read! It started on a very good note. After reading Moscow Bound, I was super excited about reading this one. As I was half-way through the book I realized that Mr.Saturday is nowhere to be seen! How I wish Spandarian was Mr.Saturday (sorry for the spoiler!). Anyways, it was not that bad a story. Saturday or no Saturday, I like stories set during the cold war. The spying, the clandestine meeting, the drop box. the shadowing – ooh, nothing’s as interesting as a good ol’ spy story.

I just finished reading Three Men on their Bikes by Richard Mapes. After reading two historical fictions back-to-back, I wanted to do a light reading and I am happy I chose Three Men on their Bikes. It is silly and hilarious with a pinch of philosophy (in the end). I loved the story! Three Men on their Bikes is such a delightful read. P.S.: I will be posting the review of this book soon.

I started reading The Laws of Great Enlightenment by Rhuyo Okawa, yesterday. This book is unlike the other mind, body and soul books that are available in the market. Simple stories with deep and meaningful explanations make this book one of my best reads ever.

There was a blog tour this past week – Tied to Deceit by Neena H Brar.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading.



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