Book log #2

9th July to 15th July


It has been a busy week. Fron nursing a sore back to a fun-filled extended weekend at my gran’s, I managed to complete the books that I started reading last week.


I spoke about Avital Miller’s Healing Happens in my last book log post. I finished reading the book on Thursday. The book is a log of stories of miraculous healing. From cancer to Multiple Sclerosis to rare diseases, people have been resilient and that is what helped them to heal. There are stories of people who have recovered from stage 3 and 4 cancer, stories where doctors gave up hope but the patient didn’t. Also, there are stories of energy healings and naturopathy. Having gone through a trauma myself, I could totally relate to the pain these people had to go through when the doctors said: “I am sorry.”


Miracles happen. Whether we believe in it or not, Miracles do happen. Reading the stories of faith, hope, courage, and strength to fight back to stay alive, Healing Happens is the best book that I have ever come across. Avital Miller has done a lot of research and I applaud her for her hard work and dedication.


I started reading Lestrade and the Giant Rat of Sumatra by M.J.Trow on the 8th and I managed to finish it on Tuesday. It was a fun read. I really liked the writing. It was quirky, funny and one of a kind. Something like a mixture of Pysch and Sherlock Holmes. I have also written a review of this book, you can read it here. In my last book log post, I forgot to add the review link of Lady Helena Investigates by Jane Steen. If you are interested to read the review, then here it is – Lady Helena Investigates.


I had started reading Potpourri by Ruskin Bond almost a month ago. As I had loads of ARCs in my reading list, I thought I would finish those first and then continue reading Potpourri. Potpourri is my first Ruskin Bond book. I have heard a lot about his writings. In fact, I was almost selected for the next round of story writing competition (in school) which was judged by Ruskin Bond, but due to my board exams, I had to drop out. (Hence the word ‘almost’)

Potpourri is a collection of short stories – some are funny, some are paranormal and some depict the daily life of people in the Dehra. I loved the writing! It is simple, easy to understand and the stories are well concocted.


Since my extended weekend starts on Friday and ends on Tuesday, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of reading. I started with Yermakov Transfer by Derek Lambert on Friday. Hopefully, I complete it by the end of this coming week.


Meanwhile, I will be hosting my first blog tour on Tuesday – 17th July. The book in question is  I See Life Through Rose`-Colored Glasses by Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella. The mother-daughter duo are funny, quirky and make you laugh out loud! So, mark your calendar for the 17th of July! 🙂



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