I, Said The Spy by Derek Lambert

i said the spy

Title: I, Said The Spy

Author: Derek Lambert

Published on: 28th December 2017 (Kindle edition)

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

Purchase Link: Amazon.com

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Each year, a group of the wealthiest and influential people of the Western World meets to discuss the future of the World’s superpowers at a secret conference called Bilderberg. The group includes arms dealers, wealthiest merchants of diamond and other costly commodities and, prime ministers, presidents, and finance ministers. The clandestine meeting is held in a remote hotel or resort and the security is at its maximum. The hotel staff goes through a series of background checks, the rooms are swept for bugs almost every day and journalists are strictly not welcome to the meeting.

George Prentice and Owen Anderson are on a secret mission in Zurich. While George wants Karl Denzen dead, Owen wants Karl to defect. Things change when Owen realizes that George is about to kill Karl. Meanwhile, Helga, Karl’s lover owes to take revenge on George and Owen. Years later, George is called to the clandestine Bilderberg meeting and Owen is the head of security.

Pierre Brossard is a wealthy French industrialist. Hildegard Metz is his secretary. Helga moves to Russia after Karl Denzen’s death, where she starts working for the KGB. Meanwhile, Brossard is also on friendly terms with the KGB.

Paul Kingdon is a whizz kid of the seventies conducting a lifelong affair with the diamonds. He is also known to be the owner of a private spy ring. George Prentice works for Kingdon while Owen Anderson works for the CIA.


Claire Jerome is the heir of Marks International as well as the fifth most influential and wealthiest woman in the world. She falls in love with Pete Anello. Claire is also known to have helped the CIA a couple of times.

The three namely, Claire Jerome, Paul Kingdon and Pierre Brossard are invited to Bilderberg. Meanwhile, Georges Bertier, an anarchist hates Bilderberg. Before he could take his revenge and eliminate Bilderberg, he dies. Jacques is Georges’ twin brother. He decides to continue his brother’s mission.

Jacques changes his identity in order to seek revenge and so does Helga. Then there is Nicholas Foster, a budding journalist who decides to write an article on Bilderberg. Meanwhile, Claire Jerome, Paul Kingdon, and Pierre Brossard are blackmailed for money.

With a maniac on loose, attempted murder and blackmail, the Bilderberg conference is going to get really interesting!


I must say that this is one of the best spy stories that I have ever read. I really love the ones that were set in and around the cold war. There’s the MI5, the CIA, and the KGB. Then there is defection, espionage, and double agents. What else does one need in a good ol’ spy story? A tinge of romance, a little bit of action and a lot of spying! People are not whom they seem to be so whom do you trust? There’s love and betrayal. People change identities to seek revenge.

With a lot of suspense, the story gets even more interesting in the last few chapters – Parts IV and V, to be specific. Then there is this wannabe Father Brown who, like Father Brown, helps in solving a mystery.

Derek Lambert was a really good author. And the proof is the way he’s ended the story. From suspense to climax to romance, the ending has it all! Sometimes, it is not just about a happy ending. There’s nothing like a good and surprising ending.

If you love spy stories and, if you like suspense, then you must read this book. There is not much of violence, in fact, I can say that there is nil violence. It is just a good ol’ spy story with one of the best plots ever!

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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