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Case of the Sugar Cream Shooting by Jessica Lansberry

Title: Case of the Sugar Cream Shooting (Cookie Club Mystery #2)

Author: Jessica Lansberry

Publication: 20th May 2017

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Someone breaks into Beatrice’s house. Beatrice is almost about to hit the intruder with her late husband’s baseball bat when the intruder says “grandma”. Beatrice is surprised to see her grandson breaking into her house in the middle of the night. But like all good grandmothers, she welcomes him. The next day, Genevieve, member of the neighborhood watch and gossiper tells Beatrice about a crime that occurred in the neighborhood last night – a murder. The victim, a shy and silent woman, is in reality, an escort. Beatrice’s world turns upside down when her grandson is framed for the murder. With a not-so-good relationship with her daughter, Beatrice, with the help of her friends, decides to prove her grandson innocent. The cookie club decides to solve yet another murder mystery.

This is the second book in the Cookie Club Mysteries by Jessica Lansberry. The cookie club members include :

Beatrice, a master baker who woos anyone and everyone with her famous muffins, cupcakes, and cookies.

Stella, famous for having slept with almost half the town.

Sophie, known for her insanely stupid quirks.


Where do I start? This book is just insane and cute and hilarious and what not! Sophie is, what they call ‘roasted’, in this book. From coloring her hair bright green to chewing and finally eating her hair to beating the ground with a frying pan, Sophie does it all!

Unlike the first book, there is not much of investigation work by Beatrice. Instead, the mother-daughter relationship takes precedence. Beatrice throws a whole lot of attitude whenever she meets Detective Rogers. He still wants to pursue their relationship while Beatrice seems confused about it.

The book was not as charming as the first one. Nevertheless, it was a good read. The twist, in the end, was worth it – saved the book from being a boring read! I felt that Sophie was just too much! Insane yes, but too much of insanity spoils a good cookie, doesn’t it?

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