Victoria Tait

Victoria Tait is the author of Kenya Kanga Cozy Mysteries and Dotty Sayers Antique Mysteries.

Victoria Tait was born and brought up in Yorkshire, UK, and never expected to travel the world. She married an Army Officer and has followed him from the Northern Ireland, up to the Scottish Highlands, across to Africa and the Kenya Savannah, and back to the British Cotswolds.

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List of books by Victoria Tait

Kenya Kanga Cozy Mysteries

#1: Fowl Murder

#2: Tusk Justice

#3: Rhino Charge

#4: Jackal and Hide

#5: Grevy Danger

#6: Wild Dog Revenge

Dotty Sayers Antique Mysteries

#0.5 Hour Is Come (available for free on signing up for Victoria’s Newsletter)

#1: Fake Death

#2: Valued for Murder

#3: Bidding for Revenge

#4: Gavels, Tinsel and Murder

#5: Antique Tragedy

#6: Priceless Betrayal

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