The Secrets of Hartwell by H.L. Marsay

The Secrets of Hartwell is a three-book series by Helen Marsay.

Series in Order

#1. Four Hidden Treasures

The villagers of Hartwell are a closely-knit group and do not welcome strangers. When two new women separately move into Hartwell, they attract local attention.

Lady Lucy Hanley, owner of Hartwell Hall, is struggling to preserve her husband’s ancestral home. Her husband disappeared on the day Covid19 lockdown was announced.

Rachel Foxton feels trapped at Hartwell. She wants to move out but circumstances (family) keep her tied in.

Dr. Meera Kumar moves to Hartwell after separating from her gay husband. Former London Detective Jo Ormond is transferred to Hartwell in disgrace and her career is in tatters. Hartwell is the last place she wants to be.

As the women’s friendships grows, a body is discovered. Will the secrets of Hartwell bring them closer or tear them apart?

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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#2. Four Secrets Kept

Although the village has laid Lord Hanley to rest, his death creates as many problems as did his life.

Lady Lucy Hanley hides in her manor home recovering from her miserable manor and dodging a stalker. She’s determined to focus on raising her son and finding ways to make the manor financially viable.

Dr. Meera Kumar’s budding friendship with the local Vet makes tongues wag. Rachel Foxton, who’s long imagined a life away from Hartwell seems to have found peace at home. But her mother’s sudden memory loss is causing her to worry.

Detective Jo Ormond investigates several local crimes which seemed to be linked – including to that of Lord Hanley’s murder.

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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#3. Four Silences Broken

In this series finale, we see the four friends – Jo, Rahcel, Lucy, and Meera, try to put the shocking events of the summer behind. But some secrets cannot remain so for long.

Lucy’s fallen in love again and Rachel is happy in Hartwell. Meera’s wedding is soon approaching. A trip to London and some unexpected news brings Jo’s life upside down, forcing her to rethink her plans for the future.

As the year draws to a close, can the four women finally unravel the last of Hartwell’s secrets and move forward—together or apart?

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