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Review Policy

Reviewing a book

I usually prefer to write the synopsis on my own rather than copying the Book Blurb. Unless mentioned as Book Blurb, the first (few) paragraph(s) is the synopsis.

I understand that authors have feelings too, after all, they too are human beings! So, I will try to be honest and unbiased in my reviews but at the same time, I am not going to demote or harshly criticize a book. If I do not like a book, I will not rate it. This rule is applicable only if my rating is 2 or below,

I post my reviews here and on I also share my review links on twitter. The books that I review are either my own, borrowed from Kindle Unlimited or an ARC from NetGalley or author.

I am open to blog tours, exclusive interviews, and other literary events.

Genres of books I love to read

Mystery, Thriller and Crime, General Fiction, Humor, and Cozy Mysteries.


Genres that I will not read


Fantasy Fiction

Books that hurt religious sentiments or make hurtful comments on race or creed.

Books that depict horror or abuse of any kind.



Rating Policy

I usually consider the following points while reviewing a book :

  • Author’s writing style
  • Character development
  • Concepts and development of ideas (plot to story)
  • Ending (convincing or more work needed?)

And according to the above-mentioned points, my rating is further divided into four parts :

  • Writing/Language
  • Plot/Story
  • Character Development
  • Ending

Keeping these four points in mind, I will give an overall rating (which is usually an average of the above four).

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