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Review Policy

Reviewing a book

I usually prefer to write the synopsis on my own rather than copying the Book Blurb. Unless mentioned as Book Blurb, the first (few) paragraph(s) is the synopsis.

I understand that authors have feelings too, after all, they too are human beings! So, I will try to be honest and unbiased in my reviews but at the same time, I am not going to demote or harshly criticize a book. If I do not like a book, I will not rate it. This rule is applicable only if my rating is 2 or below,

I post my reviews here and on I also share my review links on twitter. The books that I review are either my own, borrowed from Kindle Unlimited or an ARC from NetGalley or author.

If you are an author and you want me to review your book, use the Contact Form to mail me the blurb of your book. Please do not send the book until I reply. I accept eBooks as well as paperbacks.


P.S.: I will not reply if the book falls under Genres that I do not read or, if the author addresses me as “Dear reader/Book Decoder”.


I am also open to blog tours, exclusive interviews, and other literary events.

Genres of books I love to read

Mystery, Thriller and Crime, General Fiction, Humor, and Cozy Mysteries.

I am choosy when it comes to biographies, memoirs and fantasy fiction. Although they are not my favorite genre, I love to read a few as long as I find the story interesting.


Genres that I will not read

Fantasy Fiction that involves magic, zombies, and whatnot!

Books that hurt religious sentiments or make hurtful comments on race or creed.

Books that depict horror or abuse of any kind.


In brief, I won’t read anything that gives me nightmares!!

Rating Policy

I usually consider the following points while reviewing a book :

  • Author’s writing style
  • Character development
  • Concepts and development of ideas (plot to story)
  • Ending (convincing or more work needed?)

And according to the above-mentioned points, my rating is further divided into four parts :

  • Writing/Language
  • Plot/Story
  • Character Development
  • Ending

Keeping these four points in mind, I will give an overall rating (which is usually an average of the above four).

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