Kat Lawson Mystery by Nancy Cole Silverman

Kat Lawson Mysteries Series in Order

#1. The Navigator’s Daughter

Dejected reporter Kat Lawson (having lost her job after an affair with her boss) makes a deal with her dying father. He received a letter from a Hungarian informing him that his downed B-24 bombardier has been found. The Hungarian wants Kat’s father to come over but Kat wonders if it’s a senior rip-off scam.

Kat travels to Hungary, not only to photograph the remains of the plane, but also to find the mother-son pair who saved Kat’s father from the Nazi soldiers. In the process, Kat discovers a secret that will change her life for good.

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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#2. Passport to Spy

Kat Lawson has a new gig. The FBI has asked her to work as an undercover reporter for Travel International. She’s to visit Munich to cover the Christmas festivities and traditions in Germany. But the real reason for her travel is to keep an eye on a museum curator and ladies-man Hans von Haussmann, who’s believed to have inherited stolen Jewish art pieces from his Nazi-supporter uncle.

But, when a trusted source is found dead, Kat realizes the tables have been turned. She must find a way to avoid being arrested by the German police as well as unravel the mystery before she becomes the next victim.

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Book #1: The Navigator’s Daughter: Kindle | Paperback

Book #2: Passport to Spy: Kindle