Craving For Cozies

Craving for Cozies is a challenge hosted by Lori Caswell for those who love Cozy Mysteries.

I am participating in this challenge and for starters, I will be choosing level 1.

Level 1: Peckish – 1-25 books.

Once I finish reading 25 books, I will move to Level 2: Famished (26-51 books)


The List so far:


Cornish castle Mystery Collection by Vivian Conroy ( 2 in 1)

Sweet Tea and Secrets by Joy Avon (Vivian Conroy) ( 3 in 1)

Murder wears a Little Black Dress by Debra Sennefelder (Resale Boutique Mystery #1)

Doughnuts and Deception by Agatha Frost  (Peridale Cafe Mystery #3)

Not a Creature was Stirring by Christina Freeburn (A Merry and Bright Handcrafted Mystery #1)

The Gun Also Rises by Sherry Harris (Sarah Winston Garage Sale #6)

Grand Slam Murders by R.J. Lee (A Bridge to Death Mystery #1)

The Novel Art of Murder by V.M. Burns (Mystery Bookshop #3)

Running From Arrows by T.C. Wescott (A Running Store Mystery #2)

Birthday Mystery by Faith Martin (Jenny Starling #1)

The Winter Mystery by Faith Martin (Jenny Starling #2)

The Riverboat Mystery by Faith Martin (Jenny Starling #3)