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Craving For Cozies

Craving for Cozies is a challenge hosted by Lori Caswell for those who love Cozy Mysteries.

I am participating in this challenge and for starters, I will be choosing level 1.

Level 1: Peckish – 1-25 books.

Level 2: Famished 26-50 books

Level 3: Yearning 51-75 books (currently at this level)


66 read so far.


The List so far:

Agatha Frost


Annabelle Hunter


Anne Gerard


Barbara Venkataraman


Christin Brecher


Christina Freeburn


Colleen Shogan


Daisy Pettles


Debra Sennefelder


Donna Walo Clancy

  • Death by Chowder (Shipwreck Cafe Mysteries #1)
  • Seashells and Christmas Bells (Shipwreck Cafe Mysteries #2)


Ellen Butler

  • Isabella’s Painting (Karina Cardinal Mystery #1)
  • Fatal Legislation (Karina Cardinal Mystery #2)
  • Diamonds and Deception (Karina Cardinal Mystery #3)


Elizabeth McKenna


Faith Martin


Grace Topping


Jessa Archer


Kate Young


Katherine H. Brown


Kristen Weiss


Laura Childs

  • Mumbo Gumbo Murder


Lee Strauss


Leighann Dobbs


Linda Hope Lee


Mandy Morton


Marc Jedel


Mary Lee Ashford


Nancy Lynn Jarvis

  • Glass House (A PIP Inc Mystery #1)


R.J. Lee


Sherry Harris


Sonia Parin


T.C. LoTempio


T.E. Kinsley


T.C. Wescott


V.M. Burns


Vicki Delany


Vivian Conroy


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