Craving For Cozies 2019

Craving for Cozies is a challenge hosted by Lori Caswell for those who love Cozy Mysteries.


Level 1: Peckish – 1-25 books.

Level 2: Famished 26-50 books

Level 3: Yearning 51-75 books

Level 4: Starving 76-100 (ended the challenge at this level)


Wrap-Up post is here.


The List so far:

Agatha Frost


Annabelle Hunter


Anne Gerard


Barbara Venkataraman


Christin Brecher


Christina Freeburn


Colleen Shogan


Daisy Pettles


Debra Sennefelder


Donna Walo Clancy


Ellen Butler


Elizabeth McKenna


Faith Martin


Grace Topping


Jessa Archer


Kate Young


Katherine H. Brown


Kristen Weiss


Laura Childs


Lee Strauss


Leighann Dobbs


Linda Hope Lee


Lois Winston


Mandy Morton


Marc Jedel


Mary Lee Ashford


Nancy Lynn Jarvis


R.J. Lee


Sherry Harris


Sonia Parin


Stephanie Blackmoore


T.C. LoTempio


T.E. Kinsley


T.C. Wescott


V.M. Burns


Vicki Delany


Vivian Conroy


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